All States In India EPF Offices Details

By | January 15, 2022

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All States In India EPF Offices Details

EPFO account holders can get the best EPF related services by using the EPFO offices contact details given

For every employee, it is a must get into the EPF scheme as it is the best scheme running Any employee is eligible to enroll in EPF if he/she gets a fixed salary from any large scale or small scale organization

To save a little amount for the future is the main purpose of the EPF scheme as the money saved gets accumulated in EPF account After the retirement, the entire amount is given to the EPF account holder

During enrollment, any employee whether working in the government or private sector automatically get enrolled in the scheme

Local EPF branches are always there to help the EPF account holders with any issues EPFO office can be visited in case of any queries so that they get resolved for future or EPF customer care number can be contacted

EPF Share

Any organization having more than employees must register with the EPF scheme through the nearest EPFO office as per the Government rules The employer share is also added to employee account to make the total amount huge for the employees after their retirement

After considering the basic salary, a specific share is added by both the employee and the employer to the Employee’s EPF account For the future retirement tasks the money is being saved and is withdrawn upon retirement

In case of child marriage, Health issues, or education EPF amount can be withdrawn by the employee

The process is totally online and easy During the entire employment period every employee is assigned with a unique UAN that doesn’t change during the retirement period

Whenever you join a new organization, you must give the UAN number to the new employee so that he can register your UAN with the company A good amount after retirement is given to the employees as the amount is added into a single account

Before or even retirement with EPF, some action must be needed To facilitate the employees under the EPF scheme EPFO offices are located in every city and in numerous locations that help the employees to avail maximum benefit of EPF

EPF Office- State Wise

  • Dehli Region Office Helpdesk Details EPFO
  • EPF Regional Office Address and Contact Details Udaipur
  • EPF Office Address and PF Member care Info Bhopal
  • EPF Regional Office Contact Details and Helpdesk Info Kota
  • EPF Regional Office Address and Contact Details Hyderabad-1
  • EPFO Regional Office Contact Data Karimnagar
  • EPF Regional Office Contact Siddipet
  • EPF Regional Office Helpdesk And Contact Info Rohtak
  • EPF Regional Office Contact Information Karnal
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