AP Employees and Pensioners EHS Download AP Health Card

By | January 15, 2022

AP Employees and Pensioners EHS l Download AP Health Card. 

To download the AP Employees and Pensioners EHS Download AP Health Card online at any time visit the official web portal. You can download an AP smart health card at ehs.ap.gov.in

For the benefit of citizens State government of Andhra Pradesh has been developing various schemes. To provide smart health care the Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Healthcare Trust has been established which was one of the prominent schemes In the Indian population the diseases have been increasing along with the rising medical expenses.

In the pandemic conditions, financial balances, sometimes it is even difficult to withstand curable diseases due to disturbed financial balances For this purpose Government of India has introduced various health insurance schemes

To help the citizens with medical needs and to ensure that they don’t struggle in medical emergencies Andhra Pradesh Government has taken this initiative.

Cashless treatment would be given to the employees registered under the scheme

  • Customer care EHS AP
  • EHS Grievance Online AP

Health Card For AP Employees

Every employee who gets registered with EHS AP is provided with smart health care to facilitate the employee’s Employees’ families also have to register under the same scheme in order to get maximum benefits.

According to the policy scheme, any employee can rush to the hospital anytime in case of medical emergencies. Without paying cash, many hospitals accept the AP Health card under employee’s reservation

Benefits of Employee Health Card

AP Employee Health cards provide numerously health benefits and support for the families of employees

  • According to AP health policy employees would be given treatment
  • Under the EHS outpatient evaluation for the diseases would be given for free
  • From discharge, day employee would be given treatment for 10 days free of cost
  • In medical emergency cases, medicine cover-up would be given for 30 days
  • Routine checkup, consultation, and drugs under the package
  • If an employee has a predefined disease to a hospital specialist treatment would be given
  • Bed occupation and free room service covered under the salary slab
  • Whenever you get ill or admitted to hospital medical cover of Rs. 2 lakhs would be given

Eligibility for AP health card

For the employees who pass the eligibility checklist given it is mandatory to get an AP health card issued If you want to register for an AP health card make sure to understand the points carefully

  • Regular and provisional duties government employees
  • Reemployment holders who are service pensioners and have no dependency
  • In the case of biological or adopted child Dependant parents
  • Both the husband and wife along with their children
  • As per the registration children who are legally dependant
  • Parents depending upon the employee
  • Children if daughters must be nonworking, unmarried, divorced, or widow
  • For sons, the age limit is 25 years
  • Disable children as per AP healthcare for employee

Ineligible for EHS AP

Employees who are only  in need are eligible for AP health card policy and the following employees are eligible to get the service

  • Employees of the state council, Advocate generals, prosecutors, and members who come under the same category
  • Any employee already taking benefit of central government health scheme is eligible
  • Employees working in Road Transport Corporation, Arogya Sahayata, Police department, railways, and excise department
  • Pensioners, daily wagers, and IAS officers working in any department
  • Independent children and biological parents in the adoption case

Process to register for EHS AP Employee Health Card

Follow these steps to get registered for EHS AP Employee Health Card and get the maximum benefit of the scheme

  • Go to the official website of AP employee health card

Wait for the website to load after visiting the AP employee health card official website

  • Click the login button and fill in employee ID

Tap to login and provide employee ID as your username

  • Fill in the password and click the login button

Now enter your password and log in to proceed

  • Visit employee page after details verification

Verify your details and you would be given access to the employee page

  • Fill in the details

Enter all the asked details and update as a proof

  • Print the application after verification

Click the print option once verified for future reference

  • Receive your ID by clicking submit button

Wait for your ID to register after clicking the submit button

To seek any changes and to get your smart health card visit the DDO Officer as you have successfully registered

AP Employee Health Card Login

To access the login page employee must have a user ID as well as password Here is the detailed process to login to the EHS AP website

  • Using your browser go to the official website of AP employee health card
  • Fill in your employee ID as the username along with the password
  • After clicking the login button wait to get the employee page displayed
  • Fill in all your details including date of birth, mobile number, and bank account details
  • To be used for further reference all the details must be updated
  • Now using the employee  reference download AP employee health card

AP employee smart health card contains employee ID is issued to be used in any case of medical emergencies

EHS Hospitals List AP

Using the given link employees and pensioners availing AP EHS employee health cards can find the hospitals in the panel located in Telangana, Karnataka, AP, and Tamilnadu


For AP and Telangana pdf List is here


Under the scheme, all the impaneled hospitals’ names, codes, state, associated specialists, and types of hospitals are given in the list along with the contact numbers. Before joining check the list and choose the treatment as per your preferences

Health Card Download EHS AP

How can a Pensioner register for EHS AP Employee health card?

You can register yourself for an EHS AP Employee card as a retired employee To create your login account as a pensioner you would have to visit the DDO office with your documents including pension card, Aadhar card, date of birth, and passport size photograph to reach the scheme you will have to click pensioner option and the rest of the process remain the same

Do all hospitals accept AP health cards?

No, only the impaneled hospitals give the treatment to employees as per the scheme

How can I apply for a health card online?

Using the health card number it is possible to register for an online facility Health card cannot be applied online without the approval of AP EHS

How to find AP EHS impaneled Hospital list?

The list is provided for reference, using the links given above the hospitals can be checked

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  • For the employee, Pension, DDO Request, Challan, Payment CFMS AP
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  • To Print salary Details Online AP Employee Payslip Download
  • GPF Account AP Slip Download at agaeapts.gov.in
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