Bhulekh Odisha: For Odisha Land Records ROR Online

By | January 15, 2022

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Online Process of Bhulekh Odisha: For Odisha Land Records ROR View Online

Before or after buying property check the ROR online in Bhulekh Odisha Portal Get information about Odisha Land records present currently or previous ownerships

In the Odisha state, the Land records are kept and managed by the institution Bhulekh Odisha. Using the plot number, tenant number or Khata number citizens can check the land records anytime free of cost

The website has lots of valuable information including duties of landowners, property value, property transactions, land maps, etc. If you are going to buy land from an unknown person this portal will help you a lot in checking the land details

Portal NameBhulekh Odisha
StateOdisha, India
ServicesLand records online (ROR View, Map View, Tahsil Info)
Toll-Free Helpline18001218242
Grievance atConcerned Tahsildar: Revenue Minister Helpline: [email protected]

Without going to government offices and standing in queues many citizens use this portal to check the land details

To get a clear picture of your land records you can use Bhulekh Odisha official website if you are a resident of Odisha State Correct information from the registrar  office is updated regularly on this website

The process to Download Land Records on Bhulekh Odisha

With your land record documents in hand go to ROR Apply Follow the steps to submit an application for ROR

  1. Visit

Go to the official website of Bhulekh Odisha using your browser

  • Tap on ROR view

From the homepage click the ROR view option

  • Choose your area details

To load the details select your land location, village, Tehsil, and District

  • Choose Plot/ Khaityan/Tenant

You can opt for any of the options and select your respective detail

  • Tap on ROR Frontpage/back page

Wait for the information to load after clicking on get details option

  • Click to open the ROR document

According to the information you have provided ROR document is displayed on the screen

  • Odisha ROR Print Online

To take the ROR for further reference click the print option

Application Fee for Bhulekh Odisha

Some nominal charges are to be paid to the State Government in order to use Bhulekh Odisha to check your land details online

Here enlisted are the charges as per the usage of the portal For applying the ROR application using Bhulekh Odisha below is the list of changes that apply

  • Government fee/ User cost Rs. 30
  • Operator service charges Rs. 8
  • Applied printing charges Rs.10
  • Scanning charges Rs 5
  • DEG charges along with certificate operation charges Rs12

Here given is the easy process to Submit ROR document application for your land using Bhulekh Odisha portal. To get the ROR document follow these steps carefully

Process of ROR Application Bhulekh Odisha

  1. Visit the local district revenue office of your area
  2. From the helpdesk go to ROR Application form
  3. According to required documents fill the application form
  4. Now fill the sign in form and submit to the executive officer
  5. Get the acknowledgement receipt against your application form
  6. Enough time would be required for the verificationprocess
  7. ROR copy will be displayed as the verification would be completed
  8. If you would submit all the required documents with the application form the ROR copy of your land will be issued

To give you even bried detail of your land, Bhulekh Odisha website also give detailed information about your tahasil The process is completely online and quick

Bhulekh Odisha Land Information Check

  1. Using your browser go to Bhulekh Odisha official website
  2. Click the tahasil option from the main menu
  3. Select your energy tahasil and district name on the tahasil web page
  4. Wait for the next page to be redirected after clicking the go button
  5. Bhulekh Odisha tahasil’s information in detail is displayed on the next page. To get a hard copy for your future references click the print option

Is it possible to check my Khata using the Bhulekh Odisha website?

From the options provided you would have to select khatiyan in order to check your Khata From the date of land existence khata will be displayed as you would fill in the location and land details

What is Bhulekh Odisha?

For the Odisha State citizens, Bhulekh Odisha or Bhulekh Naksha is a portal that gives all the land details including Land maps, record information, state statistics, etc. and other various services are also offered to facilitate the citizens

Get Tehsil from Bhunaksha Odisha

To check the tehsil information follow steps should be followed

  1. Visit the official website of Bhunaksha Odisha portal at
  2. From the home screen click the tehsil info option
  3. Select a tehsil and district from the new page
  4. Wait for the details to load after clicking the go button
  5. For the particular selected district tehsil information is loaded and displayed on the screen

In Land Records what is meant by RoR of Bhulekh Odisha?

To check any of the loan transactions against the land RoR that is a record of right is checked To sell your land and during land registration, ROR is mandatory Before buying or selling land all the citizens must check ROR

Map Bhunaksha Odisha

The map can be used to locate the land map of your land in Bhulekh Odisha To get any respective map to follow these steps

  1. Visit the official website using
  2. Select your district from the options after clicking the map
  3. Submit the number after selecting all the details
  4. From the drop-down list select the Khaitan number
  5. Click the option load map and wait for the map to be loaded
  6. Now the map against your provided details is displayed on the screen

Is it enough to have an online ROR document for registration?

For the reference of the buyer and new owner, the ROR document is suggested You can visit the revenue department of your zone if you’re processing any land of registration. During the land registration process by paying the nominal service charges at revenue, office document can be received

Is it possible to pay stamp duty using the Bhulekh Orissa Website?

To visit the Odisha state stamp duty website a direct link is given on the Bhulekh Odisha website and by visiting the link you can pay stamp duty From the link you can check all the stamp duty details

Is it possible to pay land revenue using Bhulekh Orissa Online?

The direct link of the website where land revenue is accepted is given on the Bhulekh Odisha website You can pay the land revenue by submitting your details on that website Pay the revenue once details are loaded and verified

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