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IFMIS Telangana for Payslip, Challans and Treasury

Login to the IFMIS Telangana website | Generate TS challans and IFMS payslips | Change Telangana employee’s cell phone number | Register for Foreign Service | Access DDO reports… Telangana is well-known for its tremendous digital development over the previous five years, as well as for offering superior care and benefits to all government employees.… Read More »

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Haryana Employee eSalary (Pay Slip) Portal Login Process

Government employees in Haryana have a lot to gain now that a precise employee esalary portal has been launched, complete with a new login process for Haryana esalary registration, in which this e-Salary website has indeed been initiated to continue providing employees only with facilities they require in a convenient location. Because the younger generation… Read More »

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E Sadhana 2021 for the Development of Women and Children

Every initiative submitted by the government during each budget session prioritizes women and children. The E Sadhana program focuses on child care and women’s empowerment. This program was launched jointly by the state governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. For residents of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, E Sadhana offers several activities that they may use… Read More »

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Telangana State e-Challan

The Telangana state police has introduced its e-Challan system to maintain an online record of Challans issued by the traffic police. The defaulters can also check the status of their challan online using this. The website has been provided with various options to assist in checking the details. This can be done by entering the… Read More »

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Haryana State Employees e-Salary (Pay Slip) Login

With the launch of employee e-salary portal the Haryana State Government employees have been benefited in numerous ways. The new login process for Haryana e-salary registration has been initiated to provide the facilities to the employees for quick access. As times are changing towards a more digital world the Haryana State government has set up… Read More »

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