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By | April 11, 2022

Information on Download Chandigarh Police Salary Slip

Now in Seevarth Login Chandigarh Police salary slip can be downloaded Online print or Download Chandigarh police salary slip now

As the Chandigarh police always try its best to provide security and better care to its citizens The aim of the organization is to provide salaries, increments, and promotions to employees with further assistance

From the official employee portal any of the Chandigarh police employees whether inspector, constable, or traffic police can access their payslips online

To provide the employees with all benefits the online portal is completely digitalized as it prominently includes new notifications and by using the employee number Chandigarh police payslip can be downloaded

Seevarth Chandigarh

Seevarth as a portal is already known by the Police employees By logging in to their employee account they can access any of their financial statements including Payslip, PF, etc.

The Chandigarh police employees although having a separate portal but Seeverth is a centralized database All of the employee personal information, and payroll details including taxes, PF, and salary slips can be checked

The software not only serves the Chandigarh State but is also available for other states as well

In order to download Chandigarh employee salary following are the steps to be followed using the official employee portal Monthly payslip can be extracted from the newly created E Salary page

Download Chandigarh Police PaySlip

  1. Visit Chandigarh police portal official page at
  2. Click the employee portal section
  3. To open E Salary page choose the link from the drop-down
  4. Fill in your username and password
  5. Enter the captcha questions and login
  6. Click the salary slip option from the left taskbar
  7. Choose the month and year
  8. To get the Salary slip in Pdf format click the download button
  9. Now the Salary slip can be saved in pdf format

In case you are unable to Chandigarh Police Seeverth account follow the given instructions to get the issues resolved

Forgot Password Reset Chandigarh seevarth Account

  • Visit the Seevarth official login page at and click the option Can’t access the account
  • Fill in the employee code and mobile number on the next page
  • Fill in the captcha code as shown and click the submit button
  • Now an OTP will be received on the registered mobile number after filling the received OTP password can be changed

What is the salary of Chandigarh Police Constable 2021?

For anyone who wants to join Chandigarh police the most important question is about the salary of police constable Depending upon experience the police constable salary varies A newly joined constable, in general, gets the salary between INR 15,000 to 18,000 as Basic Pay

What is the complete process to join Chandigarh police recruitment 2021?

To join the police agency is a good option for citizens of Chandigarh One must have to apply in the police recruitment drive for the year 2021 in order to do so. Chandigarh police recruitment page is to be visited for this purpose at and vacant positions to be applied can be seen

Is it possible to download the Seevarth Chandigarh Police Payslip directly?

For employee self-service, Chandigarh police have a separate police online portal but the option to download the employee is not available The Seevarth portal is launched in order to provide employees a proper platform to get the payslip downloaded

Is it allowed to download Chandigarh police GPF statement?

The Chandigarh GPF scheme is the fund scheme dedicated for Chandigarh employees Basic deduction is made from the police employee salaries for police officers from level 1 to level 7 and their GPF statement is available to be checked online

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