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By | January 9, 2022

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Check out the SBI e-learning portal login process and the frequently asked questions

E-Learning SBI

To access the features and login to e-learning page detailed guide about SBI HRMS Login using the user ID and password are given State Bank Of India Gyanodaya e-Learning gives information about the updates and is accessible to all SBI employees

For every employee, the certification has been made to a maximum of one In the past it was mandatory for all employees to complete certifications

        Human Resource Management System for SBI is accessible to all the employees In the word of internet banking and rapid developmental changes it is important for employees to learn more

  • In the ESS portal download the SBI Salary slip

Through this e-Learning platform, SBI has provided all the necessary knowledge and basic information about changing internet banking to its employees

As the certificate is linked with promotion eligibility for SBI employees to apply for a promotion employee must have a certificate in hand and it is very easy because you just have to complete one certificate for your role based profession

To join and access the Gyanodaya eLearning portal SBI provide a username and password to employees and in case you forgot that password it can be recovered by sending an email to HR within a day or two Here is the step by step guide to login Gyanodaya e-Learning portal

E-Learning Login Process SBI

  • Visit Gyanodaya e-Learning Gateway at
  • Click at the top right corner to log in to the portal
  • Enter the username and password
  • Enter window user ID as in format domain/user ir user@domain
  • Click sign in to successfully login

SBI e-Learning Use

It is very important for the users to know the benefits of login and using an e-Learning portal and this really help employee use the portal with more interest

  • Certificate: In the e-learning portal, every new policy update or announcement is included as a new module After completing the module a series of questions is asked and a certificate is awarded to the employee
  • Promotion: As it is considered as a basic eligibility criterion for the promotion of employee to have a certificate in hand
  • Promotion Types And Certificate Linking: TO get a promotion in a related role-based job it is mandatory for the employee to have a respective certificate in hand and here are the types of certificates required for promotions
SBI Employee Level Promotional Level Certification Required
Award Staff Officer Cadre CP – Associate Certification
Officers in Scale 1 Scale 2 RBI Mandated and External
Officers in Scale 2 Scale 3 RBI Mandated and External
Officers in Scale – 3 / 4 / 5 Scale 4 & 5, Deputy Manager RBI Mandated and External

Certification Types

As State Bank Of India allows internal and external certifications but the internal certifications are managed by SBI employees and the external certifications are governed by RBI

Certification Exemption

DMD who is the HR for SBI can be directly contacted if anyone wants exemption from the certification


The certificate an employee receives has a mentioned validity date up to which the certificate is considered valid and it is mandatory for all employees to take the same training again to revalidate their certificates

What is the process to get an SBI e-learning certificate?

Now the most important question is that how can an employee complete the training to get a certificate? Here is how the employees can get training

Award Staff

Those employees who can cash in charge and are under the office level are considered under the award staff category Those employees have to request a transfer from online to offline first to apply for certifications and training They have to attend workshops and seminars in order to get more knowledge and apply for a certification


Under the category, officers are from scale 1 to 5 and all the employees have to apply for SBI role-based certifications After attending training and workshops, attempting online certification exam if they are able to get passing score they are awarded certificates

Helpdesk SBI e-Learning

If you are new to SBI here are the updated helpdesk details You have to send an email to the SBI e-Learning Certification team at [email protected] who are always ready and available to help you if you have any questions about e-learning platform or certifications

From cash in charge to officer SBI gives equal chances to everyone to receive training, attend offline seminars and after certification exam certificates are awarded to them

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