Holiday Home Allotment Application for Railway employees

By | April 6, 2022

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Info Holiday Home Allotment Application for Railway employees

Check out the manual application form for railway holiday home allotment for working employees all across India

To get relieved themselves relief and peace of mind it is important for Railway employees to take holidays The Railway employees are given the facility to book their holiday homes in any of the cities they want to spend their holidays

You will not have to book any expensive holiday home online if you are thinking to go on vacation You can submit your application to reside in holiday homes by the Government Which will be very reasonable and convenient as an employment benefit

With the necessary recommendations by Supervisory the employee is asked to submit the duly filled application form with all the employment information including working unit, pay scale, holiday home needed form, etc. to the authorities

Railway Holiday Home Allotment Application Form

The first and most important is to get the leave sanctioned and approved by the authorities only in that case employee is eligible for Holiday Home allotment application form submission that must have a date of leave specified in the respective form

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