How to Download Your Punjab Salary or Pay Slip Online at iHRMS Portal

By | December 24, 2021

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Detailed instructions for downloading or printing a wage slip for a Punjab State employee via the HRMS Punjab portal. Login to eHRMS Punjab and get the 2021 payslip or the previous year’s payslip from your HRMS Punjab login…

eHRMS Punjab Salary Slip

HRMS Punjab is a software application that allows for the proper administration of human resources as well as decision assistance. The Punjab Government has taken the initiative to implement an Integrated Human Resource Management System for the purpose of providing employee services to the community of Punjab.

Employee PaySlip, Leave Management, and other Punjab eHRMS features may be accessed using the iHRMS login page. The government may use this portal to pay wages to every employee in a timely manner, and the computation of Pay Slips is automated through the use of this site.

On a regular basis, the DDO officer from the division will upload the employee’s information to the system. In order for their wage slip information to be displayed on the HRMS Punjab site. As a result, the procedure is secure, as they utilize login credentials to access the personal information of workers.

Every Punjab government worker who has access to the iHRMS site can get their pay stub using their login credentials. Consequently, follow the steps outlined below to download your monthly wage slip from the HRMS Punjab portal.

HRMS Punjab Payslip Download

  • Make use of the URL to get to the iHRMS Punjab official site for employee services.
  • The Login Button is located on the left side of the Home page, and it should be clicked.
  • As indicated by your credentials, enter your User ID and password.
  • Fill in the security code that is displayed in the field.
  • The Login button should appear.
  • Your access to your Employee iHRMS profile will be granted as soon as your identity has been validated.
  • From the menu bar, select My Services.
  • PaySlip may be found in the drop-down menu under My Payroll Services. To view the pay stub, choose the month and year that correspond to the pay stub.
  • To get your pay stub, click on the View Report option.

Using the options provided, you may download the Payslip for the selected month and read the yearly statements by choosing them from the menu.

Can I get a Pay Slip without login to iHRMS Punjab Portal?

The iHRMS portal is only accessible to authenticated Punjab employees, and as a result, only if they can connect directly to the portal utilising their separate login user-id and password. As a result, if you do not have the credentials to access the employee page, there really is no other option to download a Pay Slip from the iHRMS portal.

Can I Print My Own Pay Slips from iHRMS Punjab Portal?

Yes, because you have gained access to the iHRMS Punjab login page using your unique credentials, you may connect to the portal at any time and examine your Pay Slip, as well as initiate the download process. Due to the fact that there is no print option displayed on the Payslip page, you can print the salary slip by using the HRMS Punjab keyboard commands.

Who will be creating the Pay Slip in iHRMS Punjab?

Only Nodal and DDO officers have full access to the iHRMS Punjab system, which allows them to update personal information on a timely basis. The HRMS Punjab portal calculates the salaries of employees instantaneously as well as generates a payslip based just on leave plan, the current date, and the default basic salary structure; however, there is manual intervention in the disbursement of salaries and the calculation of payslips for employees of the Punjab State governments.

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