Learn how to Download the CRPF Pay Slip or salary to see your monthly payment details

By | December 24, 2021

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Learn how to download or view a CRPF pay slip from crpf.gov.in in the following steps. Check the specifics of your previous or new CRPF monthly salary slip, including all emoluments (incomes and deductions).


The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is the greatest arm police force in India. It is also part of their responsibility to emerge as paramilitary units. The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) does not really have a permanent site in its line of employment or category.

In order to better serve the CRPF employees who are a member of this police force, the Indian government has launched an official website. All of this is done in order to provide them with basic info regarding their work opportunities online. Every member of the CRPF is issued a unique set of credentials. One can log in to the system and obtain their most recent Salary Slip, as well as employee details, leave information, and other information, among other things.

Every employee is provided with a unique credential that they’re not allowed to disclose with anyone in order to safeguard their privacy. All CRPF employees have access to this feature at any time, which allows them to obtain the most recent payslip and examine their income details. Make certain to complete this step in order to receive a CRPF Pay Slip download onto your smartphone.

Pay Slip for the CRPF

Please visit the official website

Visit the Central Reserve Police Force’s official website, crpf.gov.in.

Employee login can be accessed by tapping it.

Employee Login can be found on the right-hand side of the screen in the top menu.

Select the YES option.

A pop-up window appears on the screen. To proceed, press the Yes button.

Please enter your user id and password.

In a new screen, enter your User ID followed by the password you were issued.

Copy and paste the captcha code into the text box and press the submit button.

Fill in the Captcha Code, and click on Submit. When finished, click on Submit to authenticate your employee information and grant access to the CRPF payslip page.

Fill in the necessary information and click on the View Pay Slip button.

Hover over the Salary slip to see more information. Choose a month from the drop-down menu. Pay Slip can be viewed by clicking on the link.

The CRPF Salary Slip with the relevant employee details will be displayed on your screen when you have completed the process. The document can be downloaded or printed by selecting one of the selections in the box to the right.

What should I do if my account with the CRPF Portal has been locked?

If such an employee of the Central Reserve Police enters the wrong user id or password over five times, the account will be locked out. In order for their accounts to become active again, personnel must wait for the following 24 hours before attempting to access the CRPF Portal using their newly created login credentials.

Is it possible to retrieve prior pay stubs from the CRPF Portal?

To answer your question, the CRPF’s official website contains Pay Slips from the last 3 to 4 years of service. Anyone looking for a past CRPF pay slip can make use of this option to obtain a copy of their previous CRPF pay slip. If they require older payslips, they must visit the department office in order to obtain the necessary pay slip prints.

Is there a mobile application for the Central Reserve Police Force Pay Slip Check?

Yes, there is a smartphone application with the name CRPF that employees may use to keep track of their time. Employees can view their personal information at any time by downloading this mobile application and logging in with their credentials. Pay Slip, as well as other services, are accessible through a direct link that may be accessed from any location with a high-speed internet connection.

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