LIC Login Forgot Password Reset / Change If Required

By | January 28, 2022

Information on LIC Login Forgot Password Reset / Change If Required

Do you need to reset your login password for your LIC account? By submitting your credentials as per the given process you can reset your LIC password using a new process For your convenience you can change your password as well

LIC being the leading Insurance provider in the country is delivering its services 24/7 By following simple steps policyholders, agents, and stakeholders can easily access To get the details of the policy and other benefits LIC has an online portal The online facility is accessible to the individual having a policy in LIC

Use the online portal to check the policy details, payment details, and check your property details A unique LIC Login User ID and password is assigned to the policyholders that help them see the clear picture about their policy without any interference

LIC Login Forgot Password Reset Process

  1. Login to
  2. Tap the Forgot Password/User ID option given
  3. Choose the password as the next page opens
  4. Fill in your registered user ID
  5. Provide the correct date of birth
  6. To verify enter the captcha code
  7. Click submit button
  8. After 15 minutes of sending the request, an OTP will be received on the registered mobile number
  9. New Password and OTP is asked to be entered as the new window opens
  10. Fill in the valid OTP received
  11. Enter the new password twice to confirm which must consist of at least 6 characters and a maximum of 16 characters making it strong
  12. Click submit button

LIC Online Portal Benefits

The option to visit the LIC office to get any documents or information is allowed Enjoy all the provided benefits by verifying your KYC online Policyholders have direct access to Loan services by LIC, Pay premium online, Pension and Group schemes, and much more The online account may get blocked if the user forgot their username so follow the simple steps to reset the same

What is meant by User ID in LIC Portal?

Every policyholder is assigned with a unique User ID and password in order to access the LIC account as per the terms and conditions The individual data can be accessed by login using the credentials

Is it possible to remove User ID from LIC Portal login?

From the portal any user has no authority to delete their account In order to deactivate LIC user an email with all the details is to be submitted to customer care

What to do when LIC password reset shows an error?

Send an email consisting of user ID, date of birth, and policy number details to [email protected]

Is it possible to reset the LIC password without a mobile number?

The mobile number is a must for registration as well as password reset in the LIC portal at present LIC branch office is to be provided with a valid mobile number You can change the already provided mobile number if you want

Is it allowed to add my child policy to my LIC user ID?

Yes, an option to add your child policy in your LIC account is available After login using your user ID and password Choose your child policies or spouse policies to be added To get the child policy added to your account you would have to provide the child date of birth, Name and policy number

What is the purpose of LIC policy?

In the present time, there is always a risk of what would happen next The future of your dependents will be secured by having LIC policy Without disturbing the budget any hospitalization bills can be handled smoothly For any sudden unknown challenge policy makes you ready.

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