LIC Policy Status Check Without Registration By SMS

By | January 9, 2022

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Check View LIC Policy Status Check Without Registration By SMS

Without any registration check your LIC Indian policy live status You have no need to login simply send an SMS using the steps below and get your Life insurance policy status checked Let’s check out the message syntax to send along with the charges

Process To Check LIC Policy Status Without Registration

Policyholders are often worried about their LIC Life policy current status because people want to renew their expired Life Insurance policy and get dishearted as they think they would have to pay extra charges in order to check their policy current status

To check the policy status online or offline there are many ways. People can not only check their policy status by SMS but also the maturity dates, premium due dates, and bonus accumulated can be checked using the SMS Helpline The most convenient is to send a message

Check out the below syntax and process

ASKLIC<Insurance Policy Number>STAT

By SMS LIC Policy Status Check

  • Open up your mobile to send an SMS
  • Click compose SMS
  • Send it to 9222492224 or 56767877
  • You get your policy status immediately If the mobile number would not be registered error would be shown

Can I update my LIC registered mobile number online?

Yes, you may try to change your LIC registered mobile number so that you would be able to send syntax messages from that number and check the policy status

How can I check policy status by SMS facility?

Any LIC Policyholder can update their mobile number in LIC records and avail of the SMS facility easily

What would be the charges to use the SMS facility to check LIC Policy status?

Normal SMS charges would be applied if you send an SMS to 922249224 If you are having any mobile pack it would be free Rs. 3 per SMS would be charged if you send SMS to premium number 56767877

Can I check the LIC policy status by any mobile number?

Only a registered mobile number would get you current policy status otherwise an error would be shown

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