MP Property Tax Payment Online Using Quickpay/Login

By | January 15, 2022

Complete Process of MP Property Tax Payment Online Using Quickpay/Login. 

To pay our MP property taxes online to mpenagarpalika web portal without login checkout the process For the MP Property Tax get your ledger in detail and demand note print online

To spend on developments within the state Property taxes are a good amount gaining source For the citizens living in MP owning residential or commercial properties within the state the property taxes are levied As the cities are growing need for even better infrastructure is rising also

To help government-run their local municipal functions smoothly citizens are asked to pay their property taxes online A penalty would be added to the person who fails to pay MP Property taxes

Using the official website MP property taxes can be easily paid Here is the step by step guide

Online MP Property Tax

  1. Go to MP eNagar Palika official web portal at
  2. Click the option pay taxes/charges and then the property tax
  3. For the property tax payment click the quick pay option
  4. Fill in your property ID and click search
  5. As per your provided details, the details are shown on the screen
  6. If required click Print Ledger Report/Demand note
  7. Confirm the amount to be paid along with name and address
  8. Fill in your mobile number and email address
  9. Click the option pay online
  10. Click confirm after verifying Transaction ID, Property ID, and the tax amount
  11. Click I agree for the terms and conditions
  12. Select your preferred payment gateway
  13. Using your credentials complete the payment A receipt number would be received on the mobile number or email as a confirmation of your payment and the process of MP residential or cooperate property tax payment completes

The offline payment is preferred by some citizens than the online payment method for MP property taxes as they don’t trust online payment methods Here given is the offline process for property tax payment you can also calculate the tax amount using the MP tax calculator

Offline Payment MP Property tax

  • Visit the nearest municipal office in your surrounding
  • You can also use the bank to pay your property taxes
  • Submit your Property ID along with your name and address
  • Submit to the respective office and your offline payment for Indore property tax is completed Receipt will be given as a confirmation of the property tax payment

Is it possible to pay MP Property tax using available online applications?

Using any acceptable online application you can pay your MP Property taxes Tax Payment is much quicker and easier if you are using any mobile application

Is it possible to pay half tax payment in MP property tax?

Yes, this facility is available for the convenience of property holders You have to visit the municipal office or use the online municipal corporation website if you want to make half payment for MP Property tax at a time

Can I get a discount on the MP property tax payment?

Fully flexible payment options are given to the citizens to pay MP Property taxes upon early payment discounts are given and if you make delayed payments penalty would be charged

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