New Basic Pay AP PCR 2021 Calculator And AP Employees /Teachers Take Home Salary

By | January 15, 2022

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Information on New Basic Pay AP PCR 2021 Calculator And AP Employees /Teachers Take Home Salary

AP PRC Calculator

07.01.2021 PRC NewsAs per the sources, With 23.99 fitment Govt. of AP has announced 11TH ARP for the employees Which would be effective from April 2020 and revised from 1st January 2022

Now you can check the basic pay for AP PRC 2021 Using this calculator Just fill in your basic pay here and you would ve aware of the new basic pay as per the PRC 2021 and a clear picture of the Financial emolument of employee salary will be displayed

13.10.2021  A meeting was held with the employee unions, Shri SajjalaRamakrishna Reddy, who is the advisor to the AP government public affairs the PRC News would be implemented by the end of this month

05.10.2020: Ap Government reports were submitted on 05.10.2020 by the PRC Committee And Before Dasara CM will conduct a meeting with employee unions and a new announcement regarding PRC would be made

To release GPF and CPS arrears across the state Aandhra Pradesh Teachers Pay Revision Commission  (PRC) 2021 is a well-known and important entity regarding PRC releases. To get the teachers a better salary and to increment those to a higher level is the goal of this commission Now check out the Basic pay scales and levels of pay allotments  as a result of the revision of the pay scales

Over the years AP government has decided to increase the salaries of the teachers and the commission was established in the year 2008 With the charge in PRC body hand Government ensures to increase the salaries of teachers and revisions of pay scales

For every teacher, PRC is not the exact same, as  some of the teachers remain in their previous scales as there are number of scales in teaching profession The PRC commission also increases the salaries of the university teachers a well To check the new basic pay allotted to every AP government teacher use the calculator by entering your previous basic pays

AP PRC Important Information

Every year significant changes in basic pays and other special pay are made by the PRC  For the teachers  and services there are some of the terms like basic pay, gf, pf that are also announced every month

Basic Pay and Salary: Without any special allowances or benefits basic pay is the salary of the employees

Increment Month: The increment is the amount you receive on your basic pay by what month and how will this be displayed within your salary

Treasury ID: Use of 7 Digits treasury ID is a must in order to get PRC arrears and benefits Moreover to download the PRC Arrears 2020 the process is given

11th PRC AP Employees- 11th Andhra Pradesh Teachers PRC

To release the new arrears in 2021  AP government has disclosed the information related to the 11th PRC for Government Teachers Here mentioned are the goals of the committee this year

Pay Scales Improvement

As the important task is to make a revision in the pay structure for AP teachers It means a regular increase in salaries of school and university teachers would be observed in 2020

Special Pay and Allowances

  • For the teachers who are not physically well and are still trying  their best to educate, special pay is the increment given to them Through the same increment, Teachers get special pay on festivals, holidays, leaves, and other important occasions
  • An additional bonus is given to the teachers as their travel, food and basic necessities are concerned so that they try their best to impart education

Other Services Conditions:

  • Service for those teachers who are seeking reimbursement as they are unable to travel or want reimbursement in case of medical, leaves, health, and food

Depending upon the meeting commission notes and increments made for  the teachers  all the increment as well as arrears are decided for AP teachers by PRC All the related information is available on the website The secretary of AP PRC takes a final decision to make sure every teacher receive their correct arrears and get the increments and special benefits as announces

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