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By | April 6, 2022

Know More About Online Download Jammu Kashmir GPF Slip at 

The GPF was yearly updated in the previous years and the employees had to struggle a lot to get their exact GPF slips Through the fund’s origination website launched by Jammu and Kashmir  State Government the GPF slip can be downloaded quickly and the employee is much facilitated to get their GPF statement online in quick time

The GPF web portal can be accessed by Jammu and Kashmir employees anytime using their login and password They can get their latest payslips along with the previous year statement

As the GPF statement is updated on monthly basis it gets much easier and more convenient for Jammu and Kashmir employees to download their PF details quickly The JK Payslip with the GPF contribution as being claimed can be checked and the concern can be raised for any kind of deductions and your grievance would be resolved by the team

For their GPF account, the Jammu and Kashmir employees can get their latest GPF statement generated which always gets updated as per the New interest rates by Jammu and Kashmir State government y using the given method

GPF Slip Jammu and Kashmir

  • Visit Jammu and Kashmir Government Funds Organization web portal at
  • Under the subscribe box click here at the login option
  • Enter the username and the password in the given boxes
  • Click the login button to get your details verified
  • You are allowed to visit the GPF page as the details get confirmed
  • Choose the statement option and select the month
  • Click the Generate Report option and wait for it to be displayed on the screen
  • In a new window, the Provident fund statement will be displayed
  • By using the given option download the GPF statement to verify your savings in Jammu and Kashmir GPF account

GPF Slip Jammu and Kashmir Password

Every Jammu and Kashmir employee is provided with a service as GPF that is offered in employment

  • The employee has to visit the department accountant’s office
  • Employment details along with the mobile number are to be submitted
  • Along with all the records, the provided details will be verified by the GPF officer
  • After verification, a unique username and password will be assigned to the employee
  • The Jammu and Kashmir GPF page can be accessed using the same password The password cannot be set online as there is no online method available

How is Jammu and Kashmir GPF website different?

The website is the same for the working employees in Jammu and Kashmir government The online website of Funds Origination by Jammu and Kashmir State government is to be visited by the employees to access the login page the credentials are used for subscriber login to access the Jammu and Kashmir GPF page

What is the purpose of the Jammu and Kashmir funds origination portal?

To bring all the GPF subscribers under one belt the state government has introduced a Funds origination online website This help employees get their GPF statement easily and make statement disbursement much easier for the government as well

When is GPF updated in Jammu and Kashmir online portal?

Once the deduction in employee salary is made the GPF statement of the employe is updated by the Jammu Kashmir Funds origination website As per the employee share the amount is calculated for the employee GPF account.

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