Revised Pay Scales CISF & New Salary Details According to the 7th CPC

By | January 9, 2022

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New Pay Scales CISF and New Salary Details According to the 7th CPC

CISF Employees pay scales and cadre wise pay bands are given Officers/Personnel Pay matrix According to 7th CPC reports of CPC recruitment check out the new allowances given to employees

All across the India Central Industrial Security Force (CSF) also known as Central Armed Force is spread Within the country the force secures the important part and provide emergency security Ministry of Home DEfencewith its head office In Dehli governs CISF

CISF has regional offices all across the state and the security of Dehli Metro, Government Buildings, the industrial sector, and other organizations working under the government of India are secured them Growing in strength day by day the CISF was founded on 10th March 1669 and the government provided added benefits to CISF employees

Rank / DesignationBasic Pay ScalePay BandPay Matric
Director General (DG)2,25,000/-Apex FixedLevel-17
Additional Director General (ADG)1,82,200-2,24,100HAGLevel-15
Inspector General (IG)1,44,200-2,18,200Pay Band-4Level-14
Deputy Inspector General (DIG)1,31,100-2,16,600Pay Band-4Level-13-A
SR.COMDT1,23,100-2,15,900Pay Band-4Level-13
COMDT78,800-2,09,200Pay Band-3Level-12
Deputy Commissioner (DC)67,700-2,08,700Pay Band-3Level-11
Asst Commissioner (AC)56,100-1,77,500Pay Band-3Level-10
Inspector (INSP)44,900-1,42,400Pay Band-2Level-7
Sub Inspector (SI)35,400-1,12,400Pay Band-2Level-6
Asst Sub Inspector (ASI)29,200-92,300Pay Band-1Level-5
Head Constable (HC)25,500-81,100Pay Band-1Level-4
Constable(CONST)21,700-69,100Pay Band-1Level-3

Here are the allowances paid to CSF employees in addition to their basic salary. As per the 7th payscale revision

Dearness Allowance: This increases based on the government of India regulations and is an extra added amount other than basic pay

House Rent Allowance: Based on the basic salary credit government employees get the additional house rent allowance

  • @ 24% of Basic Pay for X Category cities
  • @ 16% on Basic Pay for Y Category cities
  • @ 8% on Basic Pay for Z category cities
  • HRA may be revised to 27%, 18% & 9% of Basic Pay in X, Y & Z cities when Dearness Allowance (DA) crosses 25% and further to 30%, 20%, and 10% of Basic Pay in X, Y & Z cities when DA crosses 50%.
  • CISF personnel salary allowance: Under the government of India listed CSF pay allowances are added to every personal contribution Tanure of service matters the most for the amount of credit
  • Transport Allowance: On a single emergency call CSF employees sometimes have to travel around the world and the travel charges are paid by the government
  • Transport Allowance: In the case of all-around India travel expenses are paid by the government
  • Ration money: As per grade monthly ration expense is given
  • Hostel Subsidy: AS per the regulations, the amount on hostel stay is subsidized
  • Child Education Allowance: Education expenditure of the children if studying is given by the government
  • Medical Officers Non-Practicing Allowance: Along with full allowance credit medical facilities will be given
  • Dress Allowance: For the look and performance uniform worn by CSF officer is given
  • Risk/Hardship Allowance: While working in sensitive areas extra allowance as per conditions is given
  • The pay scales may continue till 8th CPC 2027
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