Pay Slip Download Gujarat at IFMS For Monthly Salary Slip

By | January 10, 2022

Step by Step Process on How Pay Slip Download Gujarat at IFMS For Monthly Salary Slip

Here is the new process to download Gujarat employee salary slip using the IFMS portal Check out the monthly salary deductions and number of working days

As India is shifting towards online and the State Government of Gujarat to help and facilitate their employees so that they can download their salary slips online has introduced an IFMS portal

Every employee know how important the payslip is and to get it generated as per your preferred timeline is something interesting If you want to get your employee payslip within your timeline follow this guide

Pay Slip Download Gujarat

Any employee in Gujarat state can decide any particular date, month, and year and get their salary slip downloaded from anywhere

The portal brings out a lot of features and a number of payslips can be downloaded using it You can check the Government holidays as it gives access to the leave basket Moreover you can check the applied leaves and their status online

Most of the similar websites are there which might cause confusion having the same interface but keep all your information in mind whenever you log in to Gujarat IFMS portal in order to download your salary slip Here is the elaborated process to download Gujarat employee salary slip online

Download Process Gujarat Employee IFMS Salary Slip

  1. Visit Gujarat treasury official website at https://finance
  2. Click IFMS portal from the box and wait for it to lay
  3. On the page login with your credentials
  4. Click the ESS option from the menu
  5. From the drop-down list click payment
  6. As per your preference click the timeline and select
  7. You can get a payslip as per your decided timeline as you click the submit button

How to get a detailed salary slip report?

From the menu click the report option if you want to get a detailed report of salary slip or anything else Now you can edit the report as per your timeline and preferences

How to check my Medical reimbursement?

Sometimes confusion can be seen by the employees thinking that the government of India will directly add the medical reimbursements in salary as a benefit. To get the receipt and check the correct details you can go to the medical option in the ESS top menu or else can check the report section by giving your preferred timeline

How to check payslip if the Gujarat IFMS portal does not load?

you can use an offline payslip by visiting the branch office and can wait also as the website goes through some development so it might get down for 2 to 3 days

Can I find my PF number on the Gujarat payslip?

It will take 2 to 3 months to get the PF number on your payslip if you have recently joined the organization. 3 months is the maximum time you would have to wait in that case to get the PF number on your downloaded payslip

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