Telangana Board of Secondary Education SSC Marks List, Duplicate Memo, and Scholarships (BSE).

By | December 24, 2021

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The Telangana Board of Secondary Education, or SSC Board, divides the Telangana Directorate of Government Examinations. Its primary purpose was to organize SSC tests for all schools and eligible 10th-grade students throughout the state.

They’ve grown to include public tests for both SSC and OSSC, as well as a variety of lesser certificate exams that anybody may take to improve their grades. You may learn more about how to get an SSC hall ticket and check the results on this page.

We also cover how to apply for NMMS scholarships, log on to check your progress, and get a new SSC memo if you’ve misplaced yours.

 How to request a duplicate SSC Memo On BSE.Telangana.Gov.In.

Have you ever misplaced your SSC certificate from Telangana? If you said yes, we understand how essential it is to you, and it sets the foundation for your professional advancement. The actions indicated below may assist you in requesting a new SSC memo.

  • An application that may be downloaded ApplForm.pdf is the link to the BSE Telangana SSC memo application.

  • Complete the application to the best of your ability.

On the first page of the form, fill in your personal information and a photograph.

  • Make a presentation to the institution’s administrators.

After you’ve finished filling out the form, please give it to your school administration to be signed and finalized by your headmaster.

  • Fill in the blanks on the statement of the school authority.

Finally, both the headmaster and the candidate must fill out and sign a declaration.

  • I asked BSE Telangana for a duplicate SSC Memo.

This application form will be sent to BSE by the school’s headmaster and administration for the applicant to get a duplicate of the SSC note.

What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate of my Telangana SSC or BSE hall ticket?

You must receive a hall ticket from either the school or the BSE Telangana before you can sit for your SSC examinations. Though the official signed and stamped form of your hall ticket for SSC examinations will be sent by your school’s headmaster and administration, you may still get your hall ticket through the internet using the methods listed below.

  • The official website of the Telangana Board of Secondary Education is
  • Then, under the Student Services menu, choose Hall Tickets.
  • Select your exam from the drop-down menu and click it.
  • You may be sent to a website where you must select your school, year, and roll number before obtaining your hall ticket.
  • After selecting the search button and seeing it in a new window, you may download your hall ticket PDF.

How to Check Telangana SSC Results in 2021 Using BSE

If you’ve already finished your SSC examinations this year, you’ll want to see how your results are progressing. Exams are usually given in the first few months, with results coming out in May or June. You may confirm your SSC results for the year 2021 by following the steps outlined below.

  • The website for the BSE Telangana is bs
  • Select the Results option from the Student Services menu.
  • You may check and click on the announced results for your examinations on the Results page.
  • You must now choose a test, a year, and a roll number.
  • Finally, to see your findings, click the Submit button.

Is it possible for to provide Intermediate services?

The Telangana Board of Secondary Education, or BSE Telangana, focuses mainly on the SSC education group, whereas BSE Telangana does not cover the Intermediate education group.

Where can I get the BSE Telangana Exam Schedule on the internet?

The amount of time spent preparing for a test is one of the most significant elements to consider, and it is governed by the BSE board’s timetable for each SSC year. If you want to do well on your final examinations, use the below approaches. It’s all about learning how to utilize their website to check your BSE Telangana SSC test scheduling.

1. Go to the official BSE Telangana website,

2. Go to the Students area of the website and scroll down.

3. Select Time Tables from the drop-down menu.

4. You’ll be sent to the scheduling page, where you can see all upcoming exams. The test schedule may be viewed separately or downloaded in PDF format from the same website.

How to Apply for Telangana’s NMMS 2021 | BSE Telangana What does the acronym NMMSS stand for?

The NMMSS (National Means Cummerit Scholarship Scheme) is a scholarship examination for grades 8 through 12. India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development would provide a full scholarship to qualifying students from all states and communities to assist them in their studies.

Follow the procedures to apply for the BSE Telangana uprooted NMMSS 2021 exam. This may make it easier to comprehend how to use it for scholarship exams.

1. Go to the official BSE Telangana NMMSS website at

2. Go to the bottom of the page and choose the NMMSS application form > Fill out the form when you’ve downloaded it.

3. Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll need to share it with your school so they can complete it and stamp it.

4. Both the applicant and the headmaster must sign the application form. To conclude the procedure, the school administration will submit your application to BSE Telangana as soon as feasible.

NMMSS Login Process – BSE Telangana Login Process

If you apply for the National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Scheme test, your school will provide you with an id and password. This will allow you to apply for a scholarship while double-checking your exam results. Follow the steps below to understand better how to log in to your student account.

1. Go to to enter the NMMSlogin site.

2. Enter your password and your DISE school code or ID.

3. To access your NMMS account, click the log-in icon.

4. Go to your account and check the results are when you’ve signed in. You’ll find a scholarship option if you choose to verify your results.

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