Today Platinum Rates And Pricing

By | January 15, 2022

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Today Daily Platinum Rates And Pricing

According to the Commodity live market applicable for Traders and investors check the platinum rates today(10.01.2022) Check out the live prices now

In terms of Jewellery Platinum is the rarest metal in the world Traders and investors consider Platinum as an important commodity A rising price graph for Platinum is given below

Today Platinum Rates

WeightPrice in Rupees (INR)
1 Gram3114
5 Grams15570
10 Grams31140
1 Ounce96856.23
1 Kilogram3114000

Platinum belongs to the family of precious metals including Gold, Silver, etc, and is an important commodity. Platinum is a combination of Nickel and Copper mining and it is just a fraction as compared to Silver and Gold

The rate of Platinum always go high in graphs because of the increase in demand of this commodity Instead of the mutual funds which in returns give no guarantee investors always prefer commodity market

Factors that Affect Platinum Rates

As Platinum is preferred and in-demand metal high rate of Platinum metals is due to some factors

  • Mining In South Africa:

The prices change according to the South African market  based on their regular production as Platinum is being mined in South Africa

  •  Technological Development

A major portion of Platinum is being used in buildings as the electric vehicles have developed This makes the need Hig demand Platinum even higher

  • Change in Gold Prices

Prices of Gold are increasing sky high these days Thus platinum is now preferably being considered in Jewelry making

Is it good to invest in Platinum?

Yes, Platinum prices and demand are increasing day by day as it is an important commodity. You would get a lot of profit if you invest in Coins or platinum bars

Is Platinum metal preferred in Jewelry?

Being in high demand in the commodity market Platinum is considered more suitable for making Jewelry The jewelry is in trend and you will never bear a loss after buying it

Which metal is more precious Gold or Platinum?

Platinum is more costly than gold so it is considered more precious these days. Platinum being a rare metal is always in demand within the market and not easily available

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