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By | August 12, 2022

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Download Annexure ‘F’ Sworn Statement for Lost Ticket or Harmed Passport (FREE DOWNLOAD).

You can discover Annexure ‘F’ Sworn statement just requires for Lost Passport or Damages Passport as Typical Ticket Application in Passport Law of India. Also, this procedure, can not put on Tatkal Key Application in word format, pdf style, message style.

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Annexure ‘F’



I _____________, Boy Of ____________, Residing At As ________________________________, Solemnly Affirm As Follows:-.


That I Have Lost My Passport From Taking A Trip In A Bas On ____________ From My Wardship As Well As Subsequently I Lodged A General Diary At The ______ Police Station Being G D S No. _______ Dated _______ And Also My Possport Number– _______. I Have Actually Never Shed Any Kind Of Ticket From My Safekeeping Or Otherwise.

That I Have Not Travelled In Any Place On The Lost Ticket.

That I Have actually Not Availed Any Tr Giving Ins/ Fts Allowance From Any Authority.

That I Am An Indian National And I Am Not A Non- Resident Indian.

That There Is/ Was Any Argument By The Pia In Regard Of The Said Key.

That I Have Actually Never ever Deported At Any Time At The Expenditures Of The Government.I Additional Affirm That I Will Certainly Take Utmost Care Of My Key If Issued As Well As The Government Will Go To Liberty To Take Any Type Of Lawsuit Under The Passports Act, 1967, If The Gap Is Repeated.

Date: Deponent.

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Download Annexure ‘F’ Affidavit for Lost Key or Damaged Key Annexure ‘F’ Affidavit only needs for Lost Key or Damage Ticket as Normal Passport Application in Ticket Regulation of India. Also, this process, can not apply in Tatkal Passport Application, Lost Ticket, or Damage Ticket Annexure ‘F’ Testimony. Testimony with information of exactly how a ticket got harmed or was lost

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