Bank of Baroda Net Banking User ID Retrieval if Forgot

By | January 28, 2022

Bank of Baroda Net Banking User ID Retrieval if Forgot

If you have lost or forgotten your Bank of Baroda user ID you can retrieve it now If your internet banking account is disabled check out the simple process to recover your BoBi Banking user ID If you face an error during the user ID retrieve process find out what to do and check for any changes to change the user ID

There may be several reasons to recover the registered Bank of Baroda user ID in case you have forgotten Don’t worry If you have lost or forgot the Bank of Baroda user ID by using the existing credentials you can retrieve it now

Reset Process for Bank of Baroda User ID

  1. Visit the BOB net banking login at
  2. Click the retail user section
  3. Click the Forgot user option
  4. A new page opens
  5. In the first box fill in the 15 digits account number
  6. Fill in your registered mobile number with the country code in the second box
  7. Enter the email ID in the next box
  8. Tap the continue button
  9. An email with a user ID will be received by Bank of Baroda if all the details are valid The email will not have the password

These are the frequently asked questions for BOB i Net Banking username errors with the solutions

What to do if I have not received the user ID for Bank of Baroda?

The customers forget the papers containing bank details in many cases In that case they haven’t lost all Password can be retrieved using linked registered mobile number by following the above-given steps

When I retrieve BOB user ID using the details an error is displayed “Details not Matched” What to do?

When the error is shown as “Details not matched” the reason may be that you  have entered the wrong details If all the entered details are correct but the error still appears you can call the customer support by calling at 1800223344, 18001024455

What is the exact format of the BOB user ID?

If you want to check the format of the written user ID even after the retrieved user ID process the User ID must contain the combination of alphabets and numbers The maximum number of characters should be 32

If the “Invalid user ID and password” error is shown what to do?

Either the login ID or password is wrong if this error is shown The user ID should be verified and checked If the error still appears there is an error in the password

What is the process to retrieve the Bank of Baroda user ID?

User ID is synchronized to the customer’s account and the allotted user ID can not be changed and the changes can only be made by the bank To retrieve the existing user ID and to change the user ID are two different approaches

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