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By | January 27, 2022

Information on BSNL ERP Login Password Reset Online At

The reason for which BSNL ERP portal login password get locked and the possible ways to reset/change the login password if locked out forgot Using mobile you can now reset the password online and the email address submission is mandatory to reset the login password

There are many cases in which the user must have to reset the login password and the issue is faced by many users The account get locked with forgot password error within the BSNL internet banking facility

  • If forgot the BSNL ERP reset your password
  • On multiple wrong entries BSNL ERP Account gets locked

You can reset the password if you have forgotten it using the explained process Here is the complete guide to describe how you will get your new password for the BSNL ERP account generated As to access all the features the registered user ID and login password is must and the account is only accessible using valid credentials

BSNL ERP Forgot Password Reset Process to Login

  • After getting a stable internet connection open your browser
  • Internet Explorer and google chrome are the best-recommended browsers
  • Visit the URL
  • Fill in your information on the newly opened page
  • Enter your HR number as ERP Login ID and then the email address
  • Wait for the password as it would be received on the registered email address after clicking submit
  • Copy the password received
  • Using the provided URL to the login page of BSNL ERP Portal
  • Fill in your HRMS number with the newly generated password
  • Old password is to be entered on the password change page
  • Now enter the new password twice to confirm
  • During the BSNL ERP Login password reset process a new password was generated  It must be 9 digits containing a combination of letters and numbers This will make the password more memorable to be used next time
  • Using email your password is reset now Now access the BSNL ERP Services using a newly generated password

For Locked Account BSNL ERP Password Reset

  • The account may get locked if the wrong password is entered thrice Thus, the account automatically gets locked when the employee enter the wrong password three times To access the account  the old password can not be used now
  • The nearest Nodal Office of SSA is to be visited by the employee in case his account gets locked A only the concerned authorities can unlock the account To generate a new password employee has to follow the BSNL ERP password reset guide given above
  • If you have enough time to get access to the employee account this is the case As employee continuously made three wrong attempts and got his account locked

BSNL ERP Account Automatic Release

  • The employee can visit the SSA office to get the account unlocked by following the offline processor can wait for 24 hours to get it unlocked automatically
  • The employee account will automatically get unlocked after 24 hours of completion The BSNL ERP Login password reset process is to be followed by the employee after the account unlocks After the mentioned time span is crossed the employee is allowed to reset the password


How to prevent locking of BSNL ERP Login Password?

Employees must reset the Password every 30 days using the process explained in order to change the login password Now make sure to note and secure the new generated password to access the employee portal

How can I change my BSNL ERP registered email address?

By visiting the SSA BSNL ERP Office employees can change the registered email address An application is to be submitted in order to change the registered email address

How many times it is allowed for the employees to change passwords?

The BSNL ERP password can be changed the number of times for the login ID The password reset is allowed only once a day in case the account gets locked

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