Difference Between Director & Additional Director – Companies Act, 2013

By | May 4, 2022

Information on Difference Between Director & Additional Director – Companies Act, 2013.

 The supreme government authority dominant the management and affairs of an organization vests within the team of administrators of the corporate, conjointly called its Board of administrators. At the core of the company governance follow is the Board of administrators that oversees however the management serves and protects the long interests of all the stakeholders of the corporate.

 In accordance with the Section, a pair of (34) of the businesses Act, 2013 “director” suggests that a director is appointed to the Board of an organization. consequently, a director could be a person appointed to perform the duties and functions of the director of an organization in accordance with the provisions of the businesses Act, 2013

Authority  OF administrators in a COMPANY Section 149(1) of the businesses Act, 2013 needs that each Company shall have a minimum range of three administrators within the case of a public company, a pair of administrators within the case of a non-public company, and one director within the case of a 1 Person Company. an organization will appoint most 15 fifteen administrators however; it’s going to appoint over fifteen administrators when passing a special resolution generally meet.

 Thought OF additional  DIRECTOR In accordance with the Section 161(1) of the businesses Act, 2013, an organization might appoint someone as an extra Director, apart from the one that did not get appointed within the general meeting.

There may be a state of affairs wherever the Board of administrators of the corporate intends to appoint someone on Board however; it’s insufferable to convene a general meeting for seeking approval of the members, then therein case we are able to appoint someone as further Director within the Company until following annual general meeting. Also, any act done by the extra Director shall not be null and void, if constant is in accordance with the memo and Articles of Association of the corporate at the side of the provisions of the businesses Act, 2013.

An additional Director is often appointed by the Board of administrators if such power is given to them by the articles of association and if not, then the articles of association are often amended consequently. Such further administrators hold the workplace solely up to the date of the next annual general meeting or the last date on which the annual general meeting ought to be controlled, whichever is earlier.


We’ve seen that individuals normally don’t perceive the distinction between appointing a Director and an extra Director on Board. consequently, some purpose of variations with regards to the appointment of Director and a further Director on the Board of the Company:

  • Additional director is often appointed by Board Resolution during a committee meeting whereas a Director shall solely be appointed during a general meeting by passing a normal resolution by the members. An additional Director is appointed in accordance with the Section 161(1) of the businesses Act, 2013 whereas a Director is appointed as per Section 152 of the businesses Act, 2013.
  • There shall be provisions within the articles of association of the corporate relating to the appointment of further Director.
  •  An additional Director is often appointed vide resolution by circulation whereas a Director cannot.
  • Tenure of an additional Director shall be until the date of next Annual General Meeting solely whereas the tenure of Director is general until 5 years till something contrary is mentioned within the resolution for such appointment.


  • We want to 1st perceive and be clear whether or not we tend to appoint a Director or further Director as consequently, the involved tab has got to be elite diligently.
  • The “category” has got to be elite terribly fastidiously as whether or not the Director to be appointed belongs to the promoters, could be a skilled, freelance Director or little stockholder Director. Under this, individuals usually get confused as they assume class “professional” means that CA, CS, CMA, advocates, or the other like; but, it’s vital to grasp that being a Director itself being knowledgeable as separate provisions square measure there for freelance Director, little stockholder Director, and promoter.
  • The obligatory attachment in eForm DIR-12 is consent to appoint as Director (i.e. kind DIR-2); but, it’s suggested to connect the certified true copy of the resolution appointing the Director at the side of the appointment letter if any.
  •  We’ve seen individuals simply attaching the consent for appointment as Director in format DIR-2 and not attaching the proofs of identity and residence. However, it’s vital to notice that within the format of DIR-2, in accordance with the Section 152(5) of the businesses Act, 2013 browse with Rule 9 of the businesses (Appointment of Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014, it’s obligatory to connect proof of identity and residence.
  •  Its obscurity allowed to connect any resolutions or consent to act as Director or any document, whatsoever, in Coyote State mode or by copy-pasting signature during a Word, PDF, or JPEG file. consequently, it’s forever wise to induce the documents signed lawfully and not follow any shortcuts, whatever also matters because the same might cause penal provisions.


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