Haryana Employee eSalary (Pay Slip) Portal Login Process

By | December 24, 2021

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Government employees in Haryana have a lot to gain now that a precise employee esalary portal has been launched, complete with a new login process for Haryana esalary registration, in which this e-Salary website has indeed been initiated to continue providing employees only with facilities they require in a convenient location.

Because the younger generation is more reliant on online capabilities, the Haryana State Government has invested in this technology to make the Pay Slip and Employee Payee Page available to them on the internet.

Salary is an important source of livelihood for an employee, and providing access to a Haryana employee e salary payslip will allow you to plan how you will spend the money you will receive. Additionally, users are able to access their payment sheet for the prior month, which also will enable them to keep track of any changes or increments that have been added to their salary.

We will show you how to login into the Haryana Employee Pay Slip using the eSalary portal login by getting your username or password are a necessity to access this portal, view the employee payee page, and afterwards log out.

eSalary Login for Haryana Employee

This information is intended for use by an individual employee only, and any modifications must be approved by the Accounts department.

  1. e Salary Haryana’s official website may be accessed using your browser, or you can copy and paste this esalaryhry.nic.in URL into the link field of your Search bar.
  2. Allow for the creation of the official employee page for e-salary in Haryana.
  3. In this field, you should input your username, which is also your employee code.
  4. After that, in the next column, enter the username and password you generated.
  5. Choose the current year and then input the code that appears in the box.
  6. Click on the login button and wait for your information to be validated.
  7. Once you have passed the login credentials, your information will be validated, and if you are successful, you will be directed to the employee Payee Page.
  8. Once you’ve entered the employee Payee Page, a variety of alternatives will appear on the screen.
  9. You may access the Edit Profile, Change Password, and Lock-Unlock UCP options from the Main menu.
  10. Pay Slip and Annual Statement are the next two options available in the Report Menu.
  1. My Haryana Employee Pay Slip Account is Disabled; what should I Do?

Obviously, if an employee enters the erroneous password or more than five times, their account will be immediately locked for 24 hours. They may then retry to access their account after 24 hours, and then they can request a reset password, which will grant them speedy access to e Portal once again.

  1. Can Others use my Haryana Employee Pay Slip Login?

A registered employee’s e-Salary login credentials are distinct and should not be shared with anyone else. Any unauthorised use of an employee’s login credentials would be considered malpractice, and then after three unsuccessful password attempts, the worker’s account would be closed.

  1. Can I access other options of the Haryana eSalary portal?

Once you’ve arrived at the Payee Page for an employee, you’ll notice a range of options on the screen. UCP may be locked and unlocked via the Main menu, which also contains Edit Profile, Change Password, and Lock/Unlock UCP.

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