Know Your Status Of EPFO And Your UAN UAN Online

By | January 6, 2022

Get Status Of EPFO and Your UAN Number Details Online

To activate and find multiple benefits of EPF which must be activated as early as possible to keep the record you must know your UAN number Without logging in to the unified portal

To keep a record of the PF details of the employee, the Employee Provident Fund Account of the employee has a unique identification number that allows to track  and keep the record of the details

You would timely receive information related to the account when a UAN number is linked with an employee mobile number and email address To know the exact funds released by both the parties and to easily track employees track records employees must have a unique UAN number

To check the status of your UAN number from the official website of the Employee Provident Fund a simple and well-described guide is given below. And to make sure of the use of any of them that can be used to easily track as well as maintain the record

If you have your Aadhaar card and mobile number attached to your EPF account member ID, It is easy to find the UAN number activated. The steps are mentioned below

Steps To Know The EPF Of UAN Account

  1. Visit the Employee Provident Fund official website and follow the link
  2. Click important link Know Your UAN
  3. Enter registered mobile number and the captcha code
  4. Select request OTP
  5. You will get an authorized OTP or PIN on your mobile number. Now click Validate OTP
  6. Enter name according to EPFO records
  7. From the drop-down select your Date Of Birth
  8. Fill Aadhaar card associated and enter the Captcha code
  9. Click the option Show my UAN  and your UAN number would be displayed and you will get an SMS
  10. If the entered details don’t match an error showing UAN is not available would be displayed, then the process can be done once again with the exact details

Why do you need a UAN Number for EPF Account?

To get various benefits and various options for withdrawal online without the need for manual official revision a UAN Number is assigned to active members so that all of their PF accounts get linked to a simple number

Is UAN Number mandatory for online claims?

Yes, a UAN number is a basic and important source of connection with EPF accounts of the employee To get claims easily without any difficulty every employee must have activated and linked UAN to a bank account, and thus, no approval would be needed in case of advanced money withdrawal

Where can the employee find the Employee Provident Fund UAN number?

UAN number can be taken from the payslip sent by the employer in case of loss of UAN number associated with the Employees Provident Fund As it is mandatory for every employer to mention the UAN number associated with the employee account as it is a must for them to send their share to the EPF account

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