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Passport Office: These are designed specifically for passport offices.

Tata Industries, a leading manufacturing and trading company, has been providing its customers with quality products since 1962.

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There are two types of clothing that are not found in Iceland.


 Ozoi Special – Leather (Black/Brown/Pink/Blue/Grey)

Our training services are available worldwide.

  • The passport was returned
  • Lost/damaged passport
  • Issuance of CSP passports
  • Choose the cheapest PPO
  • The passport was returned

low cost in India



The expected price depends on the type of product (MRP).

PU-S Standard PU Black/Brown/Yellow/Pink/Blue/Green;


Standard Leather LR-S Black/Brown/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green;


LR-P Leather Black/Brown/Yellow/Red/Blue/Green


The final price does not include shipping and handling fees.

Show interest with the letter “A” or with a letter purchased at the passport counter.

  1. Confirm the rate and pay the seller.

            Seed. Get the passport from the courier.

rules and regulations

Insurance services are provided by Tata Consultancy Services Limited. (TCS) Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India.

TIL will send the envelope to the applicant’s address by mail or post within 15 working days of sending the completed passport to the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK).

The insurance application form is only valid for applicants based on the address shown in the passport. TIL and TCS are not responsible for delays or errors in delivery.

If you would like to ask about the status of the shipment, you can contact us via the inquiry field: (except Sundays and holidays)

Call center 04067797979 (Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

Email [email protected].

TIL / TCS cannot be retrieved or changed.


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three points

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  • The passport cover is made of high quality polyurethane (PU) and Tata Industries is the leading leather manufacturer and exporter in India providing the best to our customers. In 1962. Indians too. You can buy passport insurance in India. Both types of insurance are similar in terms of product and financial structure. Design – Also available in genuine leather. Custom Polyurethane (Black / Brown / Black / Light Pink / Blue / Green) – Genuine Leather (Black / Brown / Black / Light Pink / Blue / Green) Available at Passport Office India. There are two types of passport covers: standard design and layout design.

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