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PF Mogappair Office : 

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Name: PF Mogappair :

Address: R-40A, TNHB Commercial & Office Building, Mogapur East, Chennai Import – 600037

Tel: 044-26246990/26350080. which is normal

Contact: 044 26350110

Call: 044-26350120/2

Phone: 1800118005

WhatsApp messages

Send email to: [email protected]

Hours of operation: 9:15-17:45


Text Message: “EPFOHO UAN”.

Questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions on WhatsApp Support


EPF and EPF Mogappair : 

APF President, Casa Dana 14, Vikas Pisgrana.

The answer to this question is no.

It is paid to the EPF company. Call 011-22901406

for the community

EPF Details @

You can write to [email protected] knowledge in mathematics

Contact [email protected]

written security. Department of Labor [email protected]


FAQs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Questions :

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PF Bareilly office. Get their address, email address and website

Solapur PF office. mail, website

Pf Office Mogappair Road map Location :

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One thought on “PF Magpare Office

  1. EPF Office Ambattur Mogappair

    PF Office at Ambattur is located at Mogappair and can be contacted at the below general numbers or at the address shown below. And also Chennai has 3 other different regional PF Offices apart from these namely Tambaram PF Office, Chennai North PF Office and Chennai South PF Office which caters to different industries located in Chennai region.

    EPF Office Ambattur, Mogappair Address, Phone Number
    Address: EPFO Regional Office,
    R-40A, TNHB Office Complex,
    Mogappair Road,
    Mugappair East,
    Ambattur – 600 037

    Customer Care: +9144 26246990, +9144 26350110, +9144 26350080, +9144 26350120
    Phone Number: +9144 26243260, +9144 26357023, +9144 26357111, +9144 26357115
    Toll Free: 1800118005

    Regional Commissioner: +9144 26561127, +9144 26357053
    Assistant Commissioner: +9144 26562748, +9144 26357074, +9144 26255627, +9144 26562745, +9144 26562735, +9144 26243261, +9144 26562734, +9144 26357084


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