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PF Office Location in Royapettah: 

Location, Contact Number, Helpline, Customer Service, Phone Number, Email, Website, Helpline for PF Office Royapettah.

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Name:Pf Office Royapettah 
Location: 600014, Number 37, Royapettah High Rd, Opposite Swagat Hotel, (TN). Chennai.
Phone: 044- 28139200 / 28139201 
Contact: 044- 28139202/ 28139202 
Customer Service: 044- 28139202 / 28139202 
Helpline: 1800118005
Whatsapp: 9345750916 
Email: [email protected] / [email protected] 
Working Hours: 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM 
Miss Call Service: 01122901406   
SMS Service: “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899  

Name: Regional Office – Chennai Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation 

Location: 600014, 37, Royapettah High Rd, Opposite Swagat Hotel, Chennai. 

E-mail: [email protected] 

Contact: 044-28130314     

Location: Number 37 Opposite of Swagat Hotel, Royapettah High Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014 

Contact : 044 2813 9200     


EPFO Head Office

Head Office Location:

110066, EPFO Head Office, New Delhi Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, 14, Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi.

Helpline: 1800118005

EPF Balance: 011-22901406

SMS Service: 7738299899

EPF Employee: [email protected]

EPF Employer: [email protected]
Grievance: [email protected]
Complaints Email: [email protected]


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Location of the PF Office in Royapettah: 

India’s PF offices are listed below: 

  • Agra Jammu Pune
  • Bandra Jamnagar Raipur
  • Bhopal Jamshedpur Ranchi
  • Chennai Jodhpur Rohtak
  • Coimbatore Karnal Salem
  • Delhi Kochi South Delhi
  • Ernakulam Kolkata Tamilnadu
  • Faridabad Madurai Thane
  • Ghaziabad Meerut Udaipur
  • Goa Mumbai Udupi
  • Gurgaon New Delhi  Vadodara
  • Haldwani Noida Vapi
  • Hubli North Delhi Vellore
  • Hyderabad Panjim Visakhapatnam
  • Jaipur Patna  

PF Office Royapettah Location: 600014, Number 37, Royapettah High Rd, Opp. Swagat Hotel, (TN). Chennai

Phone Number: 044- 28139200 / 28139201 Contact Number:044- 28139202/ 28139202 Customer Service: 044- 28139202 / 28139202 Helpline: 1800118005 Whatsapp : 9345750916

Email: [email protected] [email protected] Working Hours – 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM Website: SMS Service: Send to 7738299899 as “EPFOHO UAN” Miss Call Service: 01122901406 ,

PF Office Royapettah, Location, Phone Number, Contact No, Helpline, Timing, Email, Customer Service, Enquiry, Status, Website, PF Claim.

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