Premium Payment LIC Using Paytm app and Paytm Online Portal

By | January 9, 2022

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How to Premium Payment of LIC Policies Using Paytm app and Paytm Online Portal

Paying LIC policy insurance premium online using the Paytm app is much easier than payment through a credit card or debit card For Payment of LIC Premium app doesn’t demand extra charges but you have to check your maximum limit allowed to pay within credit card mode

Paytm LIC India Online Payment

Life Insurance Policy of India payments have been made much easier by using the Paytm app online for LIC premium payments Now you can pay current LIC Premium payment easily without having it as a huge task to do using Paytm

Payments through the Paytm app are not only sure and convenient but the customer has an additional benefit as he has not remember the payment date if he is paying through Paytm Whenever the next due date for LIC Premium Insurance approaches Paytm gives a reminder to his customers

Here is the complete guide to making a LIC Life Insurance premium payment using the Paytm app also learn what to do in case premium payment fails to complete

Paytm LIC Premium payment

Follow these steps to pay your Premium life insurance policy

  • To make a payment using the Paytm app you first have to download and install the app from Google or the apple play store
  • Open Paytm app
  • Check out the Insurance/LIC premium option
  • Fill in your LIC Policy number carefully
  • Click the option get premium
  • Fill in your mobile number and proceed
  • Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and click confirm
  • On the next page, all details would be shown as
  • LIC POLICY number
  • Policy holder’s name
  • Number of installments pending
  • Premium account
  • Check the details and go-ahead for the payment
  • Click the proceed button to go to the next page
  • Choose your payment mode and click the pay now button

Your payment would be successfully completed and a confirmation message would be received to be used as a future reference Message may be received on a registered mobile number or email

Will I get any cashback for making LIC payments using Paytm?

Most of the time the user doesn’t get any discount or cashback Paytm is offering coupons and offers but they are not announced always

How much amount I am allowed to pay through Paytm?

Using a debit card or credit card for making payment there is no limit but for Paytm, the app limit is 1 lakh

How to get a receipt from the Paytm app?

Only a transaction history of payment would be shown if you have made payment through the Paytm app and you cannot receive a receipt for LIC Premium

Can I use Paytm bank to make the premium payment?

 If you want to use the Paytm portal to make a payment click the Paytm bank option instead of the credit/debit card and pay but make sure to have a sufficient balance to pay

How can I check the LIC Policy payment status?

Sometimes the wrong status may be shown to check status visit LIC official website and enter your policy number to check status Only payment is made using Paytm but status cannot be checked

Is my payment updated with LIC immediately?

While using Paytm the payment would be updated by LIC within 2 days

What is the Paytm promo code for LIC payment?

No promo codes are offered in the Paytm app as LIC Premium payments are important and sensitive and to avoid disturbance no promo codes are given

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