Complaint Online Bank Ombudsman at RBI CMS Portal

By | January 10, 2022

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Complaint Online Bank Ombudsman At RBI CMS Portal

For long-pending Bank Ombudsman (RBI CMS Portal) under Reserve Bank of India Lodge banking complaints online to intervene higher authority

Using the RBI Complaint Management System the Reserve Bank of India has a separate pathway for the employees to lodge their complaints online on their service bank

Under the Central regulation of India Customer, RBI Complaint Web portal allows them to lodge complaints against banking institutions and non-banking financial organizations

For both the customer and the bank RBI has strict rules and regulations to manage frauds, illegal activity, and unauthorized bank attempts customer by using the complaint forum any customer can lodge a complaint directly to the Reserve bank Of India against the Bank Ombudsman

The person raising the complaint must have all their contact details as well as bank details in hand Using the RBI Complaint Management Website here are the step to lodge a complaint about Bank Ombudsman

Bank Ombudsman Online Complaint

  1. Go to RBI complaint management system at
  2. Click the options to file a complaint
  3. Select your own language to lodge a complaint from the top right
  4. Choose the Entity type
  5. Fill in your mobile  number to get status updates
  6. Select the operational area of Bank Ombudsman  Choose area, bank, and location
  7. Hover on the option credit card related complaint  If yes select your bank, branch, email, and name
  8. Select no/yes
  9. Now select yes/no for written or online complaint
  10. After clicking new fill in the complaint details and your bank account details
  11. Fill in description and fact of complaint and click next
  12. The select declaration then next
  13. The person filing the complaint select nomination and click next
  14. Fill in the code and provide attachments if any
  15. To lodge a complaint at SBI click submit
  16. Generate PDF if you want

By using the complaint number you can check the complaint status at any time and the complaint is further subjected to investigation under the Reserve Bank of India

Can I file a complaint against Bank Ombudsman on call?

Use the complaint number 08000234567 you can file your complaint if you already have all the details Based on the complaint content RBI takes strict action against the complaint

How long would I have to wait for complaint resolution?

Six to eight weeks are required in order to complete the complaint request by Compliance departnent RBI A fair decision would be made based on complaint reality The team of RBI Complaints contact customer to get detailed information

Will I have to provide all my details to lodge a complaint?

The name, Mobile number, address and bank account details are to be given for verification in order to file a complaint. For deep investigation, RBI Compliance team need all details of the customer who raised the complaint

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