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By | June 26, 2022

Invoice Template: 

Free Downloadable Invoice Template in Word, Excel, and PDF Format

All forms of invoice templates are available for free download in Word, Excel, PfD, and other bill formats like.xls and.doc. For GST Billing, Office Billing, Travel Billing, Contractor Billing, Health Billing, and Other Billing Purpose, Non-GST invoice type, Invoice Mart, Sale Invoice, Create Invoice, Free Invoice Print invoices, create designs, manage accounts, create free invoices, and generate invoices. GST, Custom Invoice, Digital Invoice, Cash Invoice, Mobile Invoice

An invoice with the meaning of sale must be created each time the supplier’s products or services are purchased and provided. according to the GST Act and current GST regulations. 

The GST Invoice Generator uses the same terms and conditions for this kind of invoice. As of July 1st, 2017, all of India was subject to the need that sellers generate and transmit a GST Invoice Template to purchasers.

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GST Bill or GST Invoice in Excel  (.xls )       

GST Bill or GST Invoice in Word ( .doc )     

GST Bill or GST Invoice  in PDF (.pdf)        

What are the required fields for which an invoice generator is required?

An online tax invoice maker Meaning that an Invoice Generator for GST must include the following required fields in order for the tax on the input tax credit to be applied normally:

  1. Number and date of the bill
  2. Names of the clients
  3. Addresses and full billing information
  4. The GSTINs of the client and the taxpayer; and 5. The place of supply
  5. Accounting code, SAC code, and HSN code
  6. A description of the item,
  7. Supplier of Quantity of Goods,
  8. Goods Unit
  9. Rate of All Goods
  10. Gross merchandise value
  11. Total Taxable Values, Discounts, and Values
  12. Tax Rate (CGST, SGST, or IGST)
  13. The supplier’s signature.

The least amount that can be charged on a GST Invoice Template – If the bill value of a buyer’s products or services is less than Rs 200, an invoice cannot be issued.

  • a purchaser’s unregistered goods or services
  • The buyer’s products or services do not require an invoice; nevertheless, if the buyer’s goods or services require one, an invoice must be sent.

What are other types of Invoice Template?   

Bill of Purchaser or Supplier or GST Invoice Template:

The Purchaser or Supplier Invoice Template is comparable to a GST Invoice Template under the following conditions: the Purchaser or Supplier’s bill must not include any tax amount since the Seller cannot charge the Purchaser or Supplier any GST amount.

  • Sales of GST products and services to Register Persons
  • Additionally, Register Persons are included in the Composition scheme.

GST Invoice Template Types of GST Compliance:

You can specify three different types of GST Bills depending on the nature of the supply of services:

  1. State Bill 
  2. Inter-State Bill 
  3. Export Bill

Copies of the GST Invoice Template need 

You can find the Invoice Template Copies;  

Supply of Goods

Original Invoice Template: The original Bill provides to the buyer, and is remarked as ‘Original for buyer’.

Duplicate copy: The duplicate copy is provided to the transporter, and is remarked as ‘Duplicate Copy. This is not issued if the buyer has received a bill reference number. The Bill reference number is given to a buyer when he uploads a tax bill is provided by him in the GSTR-1 for GST filing. This GST Template is valid for 30 days from the date of upload of the bill.  

Triplicate copy: This copy is kept by the buyer, and is marked as ‘Triplicate Copy’.

Supply of Services

Original Template: The original Bill is provided to the buyer and is remarked as ‘Original for buyer’.

Duplicate copy: The duplicate copy is provided to the transporter, and is remarked as ‘Duplicate Copy. 

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GST Bill Submission on the GST Portal

Each month’s tax period’s serial numbers for all invoices with GST should be submitted in FORM GSTR-1. Additionally, every bill submitted for B2B transactions must include the GSTIN of every recipient registered for GST together with the party name, bill number, bill date, GST rate, gross amount, and total bill amount on GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B.

Name, address, and location of supply information should be provided for high-value transactions involving beneficiaries who are unregistered individuals under GST bill filing for B2C transactions. And all GSTR-2A users’ GSTR bill of registration information is displayed.

Supplementary Sale Bill / Debit Note:

A supplemental bill must be issued to the customer if there is any form of price adjustment to a total item or total service that was previously provided and that was priceable on the GST site. Within 30 days after the date of the complete price change, the aforementioned additional bill must be issued. Additionally, it is listed on the site for filing GSTR-1 monthly returns.

Purchase Bill / Credit Note Addendum:

When the entire price has been updated, a credit note must be given, just like a debit note is required when the total price has been updated. The prior transaction required the filing of GST. The credit note must be given on or before September 30th of the next fiscal year or, if earlier, before the final filing of the GST annual return. These papers’ GST Invoices are identical to the overall invoice from before. The nature of the whole bill must be mentioned more explicitly on top of the bill, which is the sole change..    

Timing for delivering the invoice template:

According to the GST regulations, a GST Bill must be submitted at certain times of the year. The GST bill proving time restrictions that one needs to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Before the date of the removal or delivery of the items, you must present the GST Bill in the case of supplied products.
  • Within 30 days of providing the service, you must provide a GST Invoice in the event of a problem.
  • Within 45 days of providing the service, banks and NBFCs that have provided the service are expected to furnish a valid GST Bill.

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Excel, Word, Pfd, and other bill formats like.xls,.doc, and.pfd are all available as invoice templates. For GST Billing, Office Billing, Travel Billing, Contractor Billing, Health Billing,

and Other Billing Purpose, Cash Invoice, Digital Invoice, Mobile Invoice, Non-GST Invoice Format, Invoice Mart, Sale Invoice, Creating Invoice, Free Invoice,

Invoice Printer, Invoice Design, Invoice Manager, Free Invoice Maker, Invoice Generator Gst

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