MCD Property Tax Payment is now accessible online for Delhi East, North, and South

By | December 24, 2021

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Know Full Process MCD Property Tax Payment is now accessible online for Delhi East, North, and South.

The MCD’s property taxes

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is an extensive municipal jurisdiction with a diverse infrastructure development strategy. North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), and South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) are the three municipalities that make up the MCD (Delhi) (SDMC).

Individuals who own property in the MCD (Delhi) must confirm their property. The Property Tax must be paid entirely via their region’s website, with their information collected from the same page.

It is also possible to file MCD (Delhi) Property Tax for your property online, as well as see information on past-due dues.

The MCD’s property taxes

As previously mentioned, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, and East Delhi Municipal Corporation are the three separate areas of the MCD (Delhi). Consequently, before filling out the MCD (Delhi) Property Tax form for the current year, residents of Delhi must validate their area.

Property taxes for North and South Delhi Municipal Corporations are published online.

Citizens in North and South Delhi may utilize these techniques to determine how much their property tax is and how to pay it and contribute to the Delhi government’s development initiatives.

  1. Visit the webpage of the North / South Delhi Municipal Corporation.
  2. After that, choose Property Tax and input your phone number.
  3. After selecting Generate OTP, enter the acquired OTP.
  4. By clicking the Login button, you may log in.
  5. See whether your property tax payment has been received > Click the Pay Button to make a payment.

Choose any payment option to complete property tax dues on the payment page.

East Delhi Municipal Corporation Online Payments (EDMC)

The citizens of the MCD (Delhi) who own property in the East Delhi Municipal Corporation must complete the following steps.

  • To access the EDMC portal, go to
  • Select Property Tax receipt from the Property Tax menu.
  • > Enter your UPIC number here. Select a financial year and then press the Submit button.
  • Check for missing tax information > Click Continue to make a payment.
  • A confirmation receipt and a message regarding the East Delhi Property Tax payment will be sent to your registered cellphone number if the transaction is successful.

Is it possible to pay the property tax in North Delhi using the South Delhi Portal?

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation maintains an MCD (Delhi) Property Tax property in the north region. Their owners must pay their dues via the North Delhi Municipal Corporation’s official website. Property tax data would not be available in various zones, so the South Delhi Portal will not accept payments.

Is there a single website I can use to pay my MCD property tax?

Yes, customers may pay their property tax online using their UPIC number on any online payment platform. There are a variety of systems that allow you to pay your Delhi property tax dues, including PayTM, GooglePay, and others.

What happens if the MCD (Delhi) Property Tax Dues are not paid promptly?

The goal of the Delhi House Tax is to develop the area around your property, and thus individuals should pay on time. If the Delhi Property Tax is not paid, fines and penalties will be escalated until the municipal administration issues a warning.

Is the MCD (Delhi) Property Tax a viable option?

Yes, consumers may register for the MCD online portal via their local zone’s official website, and the North, South, and East Delhi Municipal Corporations provide a direct link to enroll residents, enabling them to make use of various services in addition to the MCD (Delhi) Property Tax.

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