Available Methods To Check PRAN Status Online

By | January 27, 2022

Know 2 Available Methods To Check PRAN Status Online

Here given are the two available methods for NPS subscribers to check PRAN status online Follow the guidelines to check your PRAN status

Every employee who met the eligibility has enrolled in National Pension System Scheme by the Government of India A permanent 12 digits number named as PRAN number is given to the successfully registered employees to make their identity in NPS The PRAN number looks like EPF UAN

The PRAN number has all the employee details saved for the retirement of the employee linked to it As the PRAN number never changes it is must to note down the employee PRAN number in order to avoid confusion in future During the course of employment if the employee changes multiple organizations his PRAN number would be the same

After you have successfully registered to NPS the two available methods can be used to check the status thus before having the PRAN number allocated or after the PRAN number allocation

Method#1 Check PRAN Status Using PRAN number

After submitting your NPS application form to the nearest POP-SP office you can use the newly generated PRAN number to check the status

  • Using your browser go to the official NSDL portal
  • To view, the direct links scroll down to the end of the page
  • Now choose the given link PRAN Card Status NPS
  • Choose the type of PRAN from the options given on the new page
  • Fill in your PRAN number twice and provide Captcha code
  • To let the portal fetch all your details click submit
  • Now you have your PRAN status displayed on the screen The minimum time PRAN would take to each you will also be mentioned

Method#2 Check PRAN Status Using Acknowledgement Number

If you don’t have a PRAN number allocated yet as you have just registered with NPS It might take a few days to get your NPS account allocated You can use the acknowledgement number to check PRAN status by following these steps

  • Go to NSDL official portal at npscra.ndsl.co.in
  • Go to the end of the page to reach the given link
  • Fill in the details as asked on the newly loaded page
  • Choose the option PRAN status check using Acknowledgement number
  • Fill in the security code and click the submit button
  • A PRAN number if allocated would be displayed on the screen with all the details Until you get the unique number assigned to your account you can keep checking regularly

What to do if I lost my acknowledgement number?

If you have lost the acknowledgement number assigned during the registration process You need not worry as the acknowledgement number is always sent to the mobile number and email registered with NPS You can visit the Nodal office as well to fetch your details manually if it doesn’t work

Is it possible to change my PRAN with NPS?

No, The PRAN would remain the same as if the payment retirement account is associated employee NPS details it would remain the same forever and should be saved to be used for future references as the PRAN plays the role of a key to fetch the employee details under NPS scheme

Is it safe to register with NPS?

Yes, To help the employees after the retirement NPS is a scheme initiated by the government of India A small share by the Government would be added to your account as a contribution to NPS This encourages the employees to register for the scheme and avail retirement benefits

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