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By | January 15, 2022

Check PRAN Number – Online Check PRAN Card Status Complete Process

For NPS account here is the guide to know your PRAN Number and check PRAN Card Status online Get the brief information regarding Permanent Retirement Account Number

Any individual registered with National Pension Scheme is given a unique 12 digit permanent retirement account number. No option is available to get a PRAN card offline is available once the NPS account is created

All the linked KYC documents important for your retirement are linked to the PRAN number and this ensures your secure connection to the pension-related scheme

Note the PRAN number carefully as it cannot be changed or reset because your KYC Documents get linked to it

The process to Get PRAN Number

After the verification of KYC documents, the PRAN number is allocated by Nodal Office for the NPS account and the allocation of the PRAN number almost takes 7 days

This is your unique number with all your KYC documents and personal details including Aadhar card, photograph, and date of birth attached

Check your PRAN Number

To get your updated PRAN number follow these steps if you have registered an NPS account In the NSDL portal when you register NPS account an acknowledgment number is generated make sure to note it down

  1. Go to NSDL Official Portal at

Here multiple options related to NPS Scheme are given

  • Tap PRAN Application Status

Subscribe and check PRAN Application status by clicking

  • Select your acknowledgment number

Wait for the subscribe Registration request Status page to load

  • Fill in your PRAN acknowledgment Number

A receipt can be found in the next column in options

  • Fill in Captcha code and click search

Your application status will be updated as per your acknowledgment number Directly using the number you can check the status

PRAN Dispatch Status Track

Is it possible to get a second PRAN number?

The answer is no as the PRAN number is used by the employee till retirement and whenever an employee changes the job employee gets associated through PRAN to his company

How can I activate my PRAN Number?

To activate PRAN Individual has to log in to NPS Portal To start and activate your NPS account along with PRAN a minimum of INR 500 Is required

Is it possible to change my mobile number associated with the PRAN account?

You would have to visit the nodal office in order to change your mobile number. By filling a form and attaching KYC documents as a reference mobile number can be changed

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