Mobile Phone HSN Code.

By | August 12, 2022

 Mobile Phone HSN Code.

Mobile Phones, Chargers, Headphones, Batteries, Power Banks

Vehicle description Mobile phone HSN code Headphone charger Li-ion battery USB memory stick Memory cable Plastic stick Thermal screen protector Glass protector

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List of Hsn Mobile Codes.

Explanation of GST HSN Tariff

Call 8517 18%

8504 downloads 18%

8518 Headphones 18%

Lithium-ion battery 8506 18%


8504 Power Bank 18%

Memory card 8523 18%

8504 USB cable 28%

8518 speakers 18%

8518 Headphones 18%\

3919 plastic screen protector 18%

Monitor 3923 18%


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 Mobile Phone HSN Code.

Phone Charger Headphones Li-ion Battery Memory Card USB Cable Speaker Screen Protectors Plastic Glass Screen Protector Temperature.

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