PF Rajkot Office

By | August 12, 2022

PF Rajkot Office :

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Name: PF Rajkot Office | EPF Rajkot Office. 

Address: Nataraj Nagar 360005, Rajkot, Gujarat (EPF Rajkot)

Tel: 0281 257 6399

Contact number: 079-27542036

Phone number: 1800118005

Customer Service Number: 011-26172659 (Manager).

WhatsApp number: 0281-2576399

Petition No. Year 1800118005

Email: [email protected]

Working hours: 9.15-17.45


SMS service to “EPFOHO UAN” 7738299899

Service call: 01122901406

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Name: ERDF Regional Office. 

Address: Nagar Chowk, University Road, Rajkot – 360005 (Gujarat)

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0281-2576499

Phone number: 0281-2576399


Prices in tropical countries. 

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EPF account section.

Important information

Address of EPFO Head Office, New Delhi Bhavishya Nidhi Bhavan, 14, Baiji Khama District, New Delhi, 110,066.

Phone number: 180011805.

EPF Account: 011-22901406

SMS service center: 7738299899

EPP Headquarters [email protected]

Employer Contact: [email protected]

Pain [email protected]

Send complaints to [email protected].


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  • Can I check my account balance?
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  • What is the minimum wage after deduction of CF?

Road map of PF Rajkot office.

List of PF offices in India. 

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