Online Vehicle Services on demand by Parivahan Sewa 2022

By | March 29, 2022

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Online Vehicle Services on demand by Parivahan Sewa 2022

To manage your vehicles login to Parivahan Online services. With Sarathi avail the services by Parivahan Sewa and get a Driving license, E-challan payment, and much more from the platform

Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways, Government of India has introduced Parivahan online website All the vehicles details along with their owners are saved at Parivahan platform To tackle accidents and other issues RTO act is strictly followed in India

To bring all the vehicles details along with their owner’s information are kept on the Paivahan portal When investigations on accidents in India are done the information present on the website helps a lot

Various services are offered by Parivahaan including RC Book services, Vehicle tax payment, Ownership transfer process,Change of address in RC, and many more For every vehicle running on the road this website is a one-stop shop Here given is the maximum information about Parivahan platform


All the online services availed by the citizens through the Parivahan portal are mentioned

  • Vehicle-Related Services
  • Driving License Related Services
  • Check Post Tax
  • Fancy Number Booking
  • NR Services
  • Paid NR Services
  • Homologation
  • National Permit Authorization
  • AITP Authorization
  • CNG Maker
  • SLD Maker
  • VLTD Maker
  • PUCC
  • Trade Certificate
  • Vahan Green Sewa
  • Vehicle Recall

The Parivahan portal has an equal benefit for both citizens and the government The complete view of data and services offered by the Parivahan are discussed in details

Vahan Tax

It is mandatory for the vehicle owner to pay tax to the RTO if a commercial vehicle is being run on the road To pay the vehicle tax employees will not have to run to the offices as the work is much reduced with online tax dues payment

RC Book Services

An RC book for a vehicle must be possessed if a vehicle is running on the road In RC, the complete owner details and address are mentioned  which is considered as the only important document for a vehicle Ownership transfer, address change and duplicate address services are given to individuals by Parivahan

There is a completely online process of RC Book available Using online method any of the service charges can be paid

Fitness Certificate and Renewal Certificate

According to the condition of the vehicle, it is mandatory to have a fitness certificate and Renewal certificate in hand as per the new vehicle act As the service is available on Parivahan any of these certificates for your vehicle running on the road can be obtained

No Objection Certificate

A No Objective Certificate by the owner is must whenever the vehicle is to be sold At the time of registration new owner must ask for RC transfer and No Objection Certificate by the previous owner

RC Book Mobile Number Update

It is mandatory to have your mobile number updated in RC Book An option to update the number on your RC Book is available at Parivahan

Parivahan Permit Application

Vehicle permit also referred to as National Permit is very important for the vehicle to move on roads all across the country The vehicle can only be run on the road without any barriers if the National Permit is possessed

Status Check

For any kind of application applied to the RTO website, there is a direct link on Parivahan to check the status Pending challan and blacklist details of the zone status can also be checked If you don’t have any pending transaction with RTO you can see vehicle details using the direct link

For their reference receipt of payment to the RTO is to be kept by the vehicle owner Using the quick link provided check that all the prefilled service-based SR forms are also printed

Available States Parivahan

Under the Parivahan service, all the states across India except Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are covered

Can I apply for a learning license using the Parivahan platform?

Yes, As per the Indian Transport Law, if you have crossed 18 years of age you can apply as to run any vehicle on the road  license is mandatory By booking the slot from the nearest RTO office there is a direct link at Parivahan to apply for Learning Licence The process is quick and completely online

How to check my License details from Parivahan?

To explore Informational services visit Parivahan and go to the homepage Click the given option to check license details and enter license number The entire details of your license will be displayed on the screen and can be printed for use in future

How many times it is allowed to renew the License?

On the backside of the card, the last date for the expiry of the license is mentioned as per the law Thus renewal of a license must be applied on time by using the details From the issuance date after almost 10 years license is to be renewed

How many days are required to receive RC from Parivahan?

In case you have applied for duplicate RC or any new registration excluding the government holidays minimum of 21 working days are required To receive the RC book you will have to wait for a minimum of 30 days

What is meant by Diplomatic Vehicle in Parivahan?

The diplomatic vehicle is The Central Government Vehicle used by the diplomats entering India from the foreign countries Some privileges are given to diplomats in India A vehicle number different from other vehicles is issued In this case an official certificate is required o be attached by the government with the Parivahan portal

Can I choose a preferred number for my vehicle from Parivahan?

If you have bought a new vehicle and need to have your preferred number on the number plate By selecting the number you will have to register the new vehicle with the RTO website A processing fee as a refundable amount is to be paid to the Government on selecting the preferred number

Is there any specific time requirement for registration on Parivahan?

Various services from RTO are offered by Parivahan which is an open website for the citizens of India To avail of the benefits from the Parivahan portal no registration is required Any link can be freely opened and used by the users

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