CPS Payslip download Online at cps.tn.gov.in

By | March 29, 2022

CPS Payslip download Online at cps.tn.gov.in

Using the online web portal CPS Payslip download Online now You can get your annual payslip generated anytime with the new process if you are a member of Tamilnadu State Government as a retired employee under the Contributory Pension Scheme

As in Tamilnadu and all across India there are various pension schemes to facilitate the employees, the government introduced the CPS scheme in 2003 as CPS stands for Contributory Pension Scheme it is a Governemnt -owned Pension scheme In the scheme money is saved throughout employment period to be used in the retirement period or to be retrieved in special circumstances

Tamilnadu CPS official website is to be visited in order to access an annual payslip and download it Before following the below-given procedure the CPS registration number allotted to every employee must be in hand

Login CPS Payslip

  • Click the given link to access Tamilnadu CPS official website using the browser or type the URL in browser http://www.cps.tn.gov.in/public
  • You would have to enter the login credentials on the next page as asked in the login box with the Subscriber Login option
  • CPS Number: Now add Tamilnadu CPS user ID or login ID as CPS registration number
  • Date of Birth: Fill in your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY
  • Click the login button after adding the login credentials and you will get direct access to the CPS payslip official website

This is the complete login proces that needs to be followed to gain access In order to download the payslip for a particular time the step-wise guide is given

Payslip Download CPS

  • Visit the official website of CPS and tap the Account statement option given in the left sidebar
  • From the year slot choose the particular year slot on the next page
  • Hee choose the required year
  • Click Next button
  • Click the submit button given on the next page and you will get the payslip downloaded in PDF format directly upon submitting

Is it allowed to download a month-wise Payslip from CPIS?

No, there is no option to download the salary statement or month-wise salary slip The only available option is the time frame to be selected after downloading the selected month payslip but it cannot be done directly using the official website

What is meant by the subscriber in the CPS Payslip?

In the scheme, the login users of the Tamil Nadu CPS scheme are termed as subscribers to the scheme In order to login the subscribers are given a CPS number that is used along with the date of birth to login It generally described that somebody has subscribed to the scheme but it does not have any certain or specified meanings

What to do if I don’t have a CPS Payslip password?

In order to visit the official website, you don’t need a password Only the CPS number and the date of birth are two primary requirements to login.

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