Payroll Management System, Types and Calculations of Payroll

By | April 16, 2022

Information on Payroll Management System, Types and Calculations of Payroll

What is meant by payroll in HR and the payroll processing types by the employer, Check out the calculations involved in the management system, Contents of payroll and different types of management software available are discussed

Payroll Management

Payroll is an important term used by the company to give monthly compensation to its employees and it deals with the processing of certain amount by the company to employees There is a lot to emphasize the importance of payroll and its uses

Every organization or business must tag a management system to facilitate the employees Under payroll any kind of payment by the employer towards the employees are subjected In the payroll management sheet any benefits, cuttings, and exemption of these cuttings under employee’s monthly salary can be observed

Types of Payroll Management System

In respective terms and conditions there are various payrolls available Here enlisted are the payroll of a different kinds that can be tagged by companies

  • Paycheck distribution to the employees under their daily wage per day is listed in the employee payslip
  • In paychecks employee wages, withholding, salary, and dedication related records
  • For employee paycheck list of working days against nonworking days
  • The earning record of the employee within a certain time frame can be seen
  • As proof of employee earning shoeing him eligible for the next job
  • Describing company work conditions any employee determined for the company is given salary

What are the contents of the Payroll?

Here explained are the contents of payroll and its importance for the employees as it includes hours worked, wages, Net pay, Gross pay, employee information and deductions can be seen in page list As these points are enlisted in column and the amount from employee side for the work is filled in rows

Employee Information

To give the basic information of the employee all the information related to an employee is listed including name, address, date of birth, UAN number, and more of the employee as per the KYC documents All this information is noted for the employee enrolled

Hours Worked

As there are working hours of the company for the employee and this gives information to the employer about the hours worked by the employees and amount is allocated as per working days The time of the employee is must to be recorded and tracked

Time Off

Employees working in any of the working streams have a chance to avail themselves certain days as leave In payroll there is a column in which leaves taken by the employee is recorded and the excess leaves can be checked


As per designation, basic salary as a fixed amount is given to every employee Every employee is given an annual salary that is divided into monthly salary based on working days In a list this salary is noted as basic pay


Wage is termed as the temporary hourly pay given to workers By checking the number of hours worked wage is calculated and is given in the list

Overtime Pay

Despite salary and wages, this is the total extra earning of an employee Any employee can work longer to earn something extra other than working hours To get maximum extra pay by the employer employees can work on holidays and Sundays and get paid


In terms of annual savings certain amount is deducted from employee salary as Pf contribution The monthly medical claim cutting is also listed in the deductions section

Payroll Taxes

 One of the most important columns enlisted in payroll is tax as the total employee earnings are tax-free After calculating the tax the amount is deposited to employees account It is a must for any kind of income tax proof including State Income Tax, Local income Tax, and Federal income tax

Net & Gross Pay

The exact employee earnings having basic pay and extra income and the deductions subtracted is the Net pay  and it is the amount deposited

How to do Payroll?

To prepare payroll there are different ways by considering all the points enlisted above As a valid proof of salary deposit the payroll containing all the points will be accepted by the Governemnt stream

  • By Hand: Enlist the points to be checked by the employer, as anything added will be permanent for the employee To know the exact amount deposited to employee the sheet needs to be updated on a monthly basis
  • By Accountant: For the job of filling the payroll an account can be outsourced by the organizations with a large number of employees Accountant will manage the tax deductions made and will update the corrected net salary
  • By Software: To calculate the employee payrolls there is various software available including ERP Software, Human Resource Management Software, etc. Only the basic information is to be provided all the payroll columns The software gives output as printed slips including all columns

The details are must be known to every employee to know about the amount added to their account on monthly basis Employees can check how much they are paid and the deductions due to leaves can be checked The process of earning and spending for both employees and employer has been much easier due to payroll and management software

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