3 Types of Railway Employee Transfer Application

By | April 8, 2022

Details on 3 Types of Railway Employee Transfer Application

Check out the new transfer application form for Railway employees for Inter Railway, Inter Divisional and Inter-Departmental transfers Look over the submission requirements to submit

  • If an employee wants a transfer from one Railway sector to another Railway in India It is known as Inter Railway Transfer and the form for this transfer is available
  • If an employee working in the Railway sector want to change the Division which may be under the same regional office it is Inter Divisional transfer and the form is given
  • If an employee gets a transfer to the same department but for a different process, the transfer is Interdepartmental and this form is used

Form the transfer of three types of employees in three categories at a time the form can be used Only for one way transfer the transfer form is a[applicable

Railway Employee Transfer Application Submission Process

No of Sets to be submitted

The duly filled form is to be submitted by the Railway employee seeking transfer as below

  • For Inter Divisional or Departmental, Transfers 3 copies or triplets are to be submitted
  • In case of Inter Railway transfer, 4 sets or quadruplicate are to be submitted
  • For all the above-mentioned cases in the same manner Annexure-1, is to be submitted

Necessary Recommendations Along With Proper Channel Requirements

  • To the concerned supervisory the duly filled transfer application is to be submitted by the applicant
  • It is transferred to the office of the Branch officer by the supervisory
  • The application is transferred to the Establishment branch by the Branch officer
  • In case of Inter Railway transfer request Personal department moved the application to CPO office otherwise it is transferred to Cadre Personal officer of concerned Railway

          One Way Transfer Application for Railway Employee

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