Payslip Download At WBiFMS

By | January 6, 2022

Payslip View or Download At WBiFMS. 

WBiFMS HRMS Portal login to download payslip for current year If not registered check out the process of WBiFMS registered From ESS portal download required payslip to check incomes and payment

Breakdown of WBiFMS Payslip

Some of the important points in employee payslip For WBiFMS registered to download generate their payslip online at the portal All the payment details and deductions are tracked by employees using the portal

  • Joining report and the joining date
  • Employee Basic
  • Employee location
  • Salary statement
  • Application of GPF Loan
  • Official tour application
  • Family declaration
  • Loan deduction
  • PF Payment and UAN number

The West Bengal Government has created a small and simple interface portal used to generate WBiFMS payslips Follow the simple steps to access the WBiFMS payslips using the Official West Bengal HRMS portal

WBiFMS Payslip Download Method

  1. Visit wbifms

Search for and the homepage of the West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System Will open

2.Click on IFMS

In the right-side panel click the IFMS portal

3. E-Services

For employees go to E-Services

4. Sign in

Click Sign in option Here are the two empty columns to be filler

5. Fill in the WBIFMS ID Card number

Enter your unique WBIFMS ID Card Number and password

6. Click the Login option

Click the login option and the employee page will be loaded immediately

7. Select the payslip option

Tap on my documents now click the payslip option

8. Enter the month

Now select a specific month for which you want to generate a payslip

9. Salary Slip Download

Now download or print Salary slips using options

Can I download my wbifms payslip for the previous month or previous year?

Yes, you can generate a payslip for any month or year Payslips from the joining date of employee are available in the payslip folder in my document option

Where do employees register mistakes in their wbifms payslips?

If there  are any complaints in the payslip respective department helpdesk and email are always there to resolve the problems For this employee has to verify details

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