Pre Open Market and Normal share Trading Timings NSE

By | April 2, 2022

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Pre Open Market and Normal share Trading Timings NSE

Check out the details of NSE Pre Open and its timings Types of orders allowed andexecuted for training are also mentioned Also check out the pre open, regular trading and block deal session timings

In all market days except NSE holidays there is s pre open duration of 15 minutes from 9:00 to 9:15 AM for National Stock Exchange and the session gives the gained comparison between order collection and order matching period On the 205 of products added on pre open session of National Stock Exchange a specific price band is applicable

To get the ordinary cancellations and modifications In National Stock Exchnage the order collection is only for 8 minutes Wih nay modifications and cancellations within the 8 minutes the order must be entered

After the completion of order collection period the very next matching period starts and if the ordergets matched at equilibrium price hee given is the sequence at which matching is done

  • Limited orders get matched with the limit orders that are eligible
  • With the market orders the residual limit orders are matched
  • The market orders must get matched to arket order in here

Pre open NSE

Using the computer based system the pre open market trades of NSE are determined which does include electronic communications as well as trading systems and orders of two basic types are placed in the market

Market Orders: if the price of order is not specified during any buying and selling As per the normal market value rates the orders are executed

Limit Orders: If Accordance with buying or selling price the price of the order and the quantity is derived and this only happens when matching orders are found in National Stock Exchange Pre Open

The timings must be checked if you are interested to know about National Pre Open market trades and the traders must be aware of all the details

Pre Open Market Time NSE

TimeSession PeriodParticulars
09:00 AM to 09:08 AM8 MinutesThese first 8 minutes of the NSE Pre Open market are reffered to as Order Collection Period, and the orders can be entered modified or canceled in this particular period
9:09 AM to 9:12 AM3 MinutesThis is referred as order matching period and as well as trade confirmation period, during the periods the orders are confirmed based on the price identification method, the equilibrium price determination or call auction does match the price derived. Through this period  These modifications or cancellations of the order cannot be done
9:12 AM to 9:15 AM3 MinsThis is known as buffer period, and in this period the transitions are facilitated from pre-open to normal market

Share Market Timings

8:45 AM to 9:00 AM15 MinsMorning Block Deal Window
09:00 AM to 09:08 AM8 MinutesNSE Pre Open
9:15 to 15:306 Hours 15 MinsRegular Trading Session for Share Market for Normal / Limited Physical Live Market
14:00 to 14:2020 MinsAfternoon Block Deal Window
15:40 to 16:0020 MinsShare Market Closing timings

Are the pre-open and Normal market same?

Timing is the main difference between the normal National Stock Exchange market and Pre Open The pre-open market works for guessing the product price and establishing equal price through Cal Audition to get exact product price matched

Is it possible to be concluded in National Stock Exchange Pre Open Market?

Yes, The tools can be accessed that can be used to build a communication with the National Stock exchange and the pre-open market is used by the people in such conditions to make the right use of their timings and start the trading earlier before the start of market value

Is National Stock Exchange open on Saturday?

As per the National Stock Exchange, pre-open timings it gets opened only during the weekdays and is closed during Saturday and Sunday in case special trading session are arranged the National Stock Exchange works on weekends as well

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