Property Tax Payment AP – Online Pay AP Home Tax Bills

By | January 18, 2022

Details on Property Tax Payment AP – Online Pay AP Home Tax Bills

Using the AP Property Tax gateway make your home tax bill payments online and For the residential/commercial property in the state gain discounts if applicable

On the property owned by the citizens, the AP government collect property taxes every six months or year Based on the annual rental value and fixed tax rate by the property corporation AP property taxes are annually collected

Based on the location of the urban property and the total area covered house tax percentage may vary From the receipt gained on payment or the official website the property tax calculation is determined

Property Tax AP

Every property owner in 6 months or year has to make the one-time payment and the property tax is different for Agricultural and Industrial property taxes AP government has announced various payment gateways so that AP citizens can easily clear their bill payments

Si.NoPayment Platform
2UB Counter
3Meeseva Counter
4AP Online
5Puraseva App

Using the web portal here are the steps to be followed in order to pay AP property taxes online

Property Tax Payment AP

  1. Visit the web portal at
  2. Click the option Online payments Now click property tax
  3. Choose your District, unicipalty, Corporation and Payment mode
  4. Click submit button
  5. Fill in the 10 digits Assessment number and search
  6. Click the option pay tax
  7. Fill in the amount to be paid in the column
  8. Choose CFMS Property gateway
  9. For the terms and conditions click, I agree
  10. Click to pay online
  11. Click the online payment option
  12. For various modes choose the charges
  13. Click SBI
  14. From the given options choose your payment source and by entering credentials complete the payment

How can I change my name in the AP property tax bill?

The nearest municipal office is to be visited along with the payment receipt if you are looking to change your name in the bill NOC certificate, Application form and sale deed of the property having correct name are required 15 days time is required to proceed the request

Is property tax collected on empty land in AP?

In the agriculture category, if the land is registered in AP the property tax percentage is low in that case From the nearest municipal office the tax amount can be checked

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