Registration of SSO Rajasthan App for eMitra User Login

By | January 27, 2022

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Information on Registration of SSO Rajasthan App for eMitra User Login

For the citizens of the state Single Sign-on( SSO), eMitra is a digital mobile app launched by the government of Rajsthan To avail the government schemes the SSO eMitra app allows citizens to log in and apply for services

SSA Rajasthan App

To avail various services a user ID is assigned to every citizen To bring advance government to government and to public aided facilities the app was launched by Chief Minister House tax, water bills, etc. can be viewed using the app

To get the SSO Rajasthan registration ID and password citizens have to provide their minimum details in order to access schemes announced by the government at the portal A unique Single Sign-on Rajasthan ID is must

SSO Rajasthan eMitra App Eligibility

Before registering for the eMitra app following are some basic eligibility criteria that should be kept in mind Check the eligibility criteria to register successfully

  • SSO eMitra registration is only for permanent resident of Rajasthan state
  • Rajasthan Institutes, Government employees, and industries can apply
  • Single Digital identity can be assigned to start up’s and businesses

SSO eMitra App Requirements

These are the requirements other than the eligibility criteria to register for SSO eMitra Registration Registration to the eMitra app is only possible if the following points will be kept in mind

  • Bhamashah Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Email ID
  • Facebook ID
  • Industry Aadhaar number
  • SIPF Number
  • Business registration number

Registration Process for SSO eMitra Rajasthan app

Follow the guidelines given below in order to register for SSO eMitra Rajasthan App

  • Go to the official website at
  • Choose the login button from the top right corner of the page
  • Tap registration and choose Citizen/Udyog/Government employment
  • To register using any of the options as Aadhaar card, Bhamashah, or Facebook ID
  • For registration of Industry choose Udyog Aadhaar or BAN
  • Ti get registered as a government employee choose SIPF, Now your SSO ID is linked to provided registration details
  • Click on the Link option once verification for your Google or Facebook is completed
  • The respective SSO ID will be displayed on the screen
  • Fill in your password twice followed by mobile number
  • Confirm the provided details by clicking the registration button
  • A successful registration pop up is shown on the screen Using SSO ID and the selected password you can log in to the SSO eMitra app
  • You will receive SSO ID on the registered mobile number and email

With your respective details you have successfully registered for SSO eMitra Rajasthan App From an online or mobile application you can use SSO ID to login and access the portal

Login SSO Rajasthan eMitra App

  • Go to the official Single Sign-on app
  • Wait for the page to load after clicking log in button
  • Fill in your SSO ID followed by the password
  • Fill in the captcha code as shown in the image
  • Click the login button
  • You have successfully logged in to SSO Rajasthan eMitra App you can now access all the available services using the credentials

eMitra helpline can be contacted to get support on foot bais if you face any issues in the process

Is it possible to make an application without SSO ID?

No, it is mandatory to register with SSO eMitra Rajasthan as per the government guidelines To launch an application SSO ID is important for the applicant

What is meant by SSO ID?

The individual or industries using SSO ID will be able to avail the benefit of government schemes as per the amendment launched by the Rajasthan Government

What is meant by SSO Profile?

Service platform that permits the users to use a single set of unique credentials is the Single-Sign-On authentication platform Multiple services can be accessed using the platform and Individuals, enterprises and businesses get their authentication process completed

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