Administrative Login SAS Gujarat 2021 for DPE COS SSA

By | January 15, 2022

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Process of Administrative Login SAS Gujarat 2021 for DPE COS SSA

In order to enlist all the school of Gujarat state and manage their administrative tasks using an online mode Education department of the Government of Gujarat took an initiative named SAS Gujarat which is the School administrative system of Gujarat

Based on the number of schools and teachers available each region or district is divided in this portal. Every school and teacher have direct access to the portal in order  to update their information as is requested on the account page

To run all the notifications in the state, to give pay structure to teachers, and to manage all the information on a single portal are the main purposes of launching SAS Gujarat To provide administrative feedback is also one of the reasons

Teachers can maintain their attendance and create online modules and tasks for the students using the SAS Gujarat portal

Service NameSAS (School Administrative System)
StateGujarat, India
Login Units AllowedDPE, COS, SSA
HelplineCentralized helpdesk not available, Contact each district helpline

SAS Gujarat

To ensure that schools and teachers are provided with the latest information Department Of Education Gujarat introduced the portal as the State of Gujarat government has a vision of more educational reforms in the State The portal helps the members do their work easily and introduce them to new schemes being launched

These are  the bills and attendances teachers can access using the portal

  • Teacher attendance
  • Masik Patrak
  • Pagar Bill
  • Puravani Bill
  • Raja Report

Learn the process if you are a teacher and want to gain access to the SAS Gujarat website and avail of the services online

Login Process SAS Gujarat For DPE/COS/SSA

  1. Visit the SAS Gujarat official website at
  2. As per your login requirements click the option DPE or COS or SSA
  3. DPE: Scroll down to the location of the district if you have chosen the option DPE
  4. To get redirected to the login page click the district
  5. COS: You will be redirected to the COS login page if you have chosen COS
  6. SSA: You will be redirected to SSA login page if you have chosen the option SSA
  7. Login Page: You will be landed on the same final login page if you have selected any of the three options
  8. Fill in user ID
  9. Enter Password
  10. Login As: Select an option from the drop-down
  11. To login to the SAS Gujarat portal click the login option

To access any bills, attendance reports, DPE, COS, and SSA you will have to login first to the portal

To set your account password for SAS Gujarat as DEP, COS or SSA accounts you will have to follow the steps carefully and log in to the portal

First Time Login SAS-Guide To Setup Password

  1. Visit the SAS Gujarat portal at
  2. Click on requirements after choosing COS or SAS or DAP
  3. You will get redirected to the login page
  4. Click the option get a new teacher password
  5. The password reset page is now opened
  6. Fill in your mobile number, Date of Birth, Aadhar Card Number, and date of entry into the account
  7. Click the send button
  8. You can now enter a new password to your account after receiving OTP on your registered mobile number

What is meant by SAS Gujarat DEP?

DEP means Directorate of primary education in SAS portal. To manage all the teaching activities online this portal is created Visit SAS Gujarat official website if you want to login to the DEP section. Click the option DEP Select your district and you are ready to log in the portal

What is meant by COS in SAS Gujarat?

Commissionerate Of SChool is meant by COS in the Gujarat portal. To provide laws, rules, and administrative policies and to increase the level of education is the purpose of this section. To access the section you must be a teacher or SAS Gujarat, employee

What is meant by SSA in SAS Gujarat?

SSA stands for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in SAS Gujarat To focus on the elementary schools this section is included by the Government Of India Students have the access to the section and teachers can work for the betterment of elementary school education

What is the login process to Pagar Bill and Masik Patrak?

To provide teachers with the monthly salary bills and the notifications there are two featured named Pagar Bill and Masik Padrak You will have to visit the SAS Gujarat website Click the DEP section SElect your District and login to access the services Select Your school also

What is the process to Set a SAS Gujarat teacher Password?

If you are logging in for the first time to SAS Gujarat Click the DEP section After selecting your District go to the login page and click get a new teacher password option Fill in the required details Click the submit button and an OTP will be received on the registered mobile number now you can set your password

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