Pay Slip Download For Assam employees at

By | January 15, 2022

How to Download Pay Slip For Assam employees at

A new process to download the payslip online for Assam employees using the official Web Portal login is here Now using the internet connection the portal allows the government to send the employee payslip online Here are the requirements to download the salary slips online

Assam Employee Payslip

State Government of Assam has introduced the HRMS portal in order to facilitate the government employees working in different departments in Assam state so that the employees have direct access to any career-related information

The Finance department of the state manages the website and for all the employees working in the state, finances are managed using the portal. To start using the facilities offered any permanent employee can sign up to the website and start enjoying all the facilities

Assam Employer Payslip Download Requirements

Following requirements should be met before you download your Assam employee payslip online

  • Registered Username Assam finassam
  • To reach Assam employee web page finassam password is required

Here is the quick way to download the Assam payslip conveniently using the credentials

Download Process Assam Employee Payslip

  1. Go to Assam State’s official website of the Finance department at
  2. Choose the employee login option given
  3. Fill in your username and password
  4. As shown in the box given fill in your Captcha code
  5. You will land on the employee page when the details would be verified
  6. To check all your details click the profile option and check
  7. Click the payslip option and choose the particular year from the drop-down
  8. Now select the particular month for which you need the payslip
  9. To download the payslip a pop up containing the download option for payslip download would be shown
  10. Now you can download the payslip and the payment sheet and check the payment details completely

Is it possible to download last year’s payslip?

From the date of employment, the employees are allowed to access any of the payment slips The previous 48-month payslips are available easily on the website whereas for last year payslips department office can be visited

Is it mandatory to sign up to download the salary slip?

Yes, you must get yourself eligible in order to get access to the website To use the portal employee should first register and then use the credentials to log in to the portal

Can I apply a house loan based on an employee payslip?

With all the salary structure mentioned employee payslip downloaded is the proof of your employment You can easily apply for a house loan by attaching the payslip It is important to get the downloaded payslip duly signed by the Head of Account department which makes the payslip valid for any kind of personal or government use

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