BOI Bank of India Login Net Banking Login Password Online

By | January 9, 2022

How to reset BOI Login Net Banking Login Password Online

If you have forgotten your BOI Net Banking Password and want to reset or change the password now Change the password and be able to log in as per the new rules. To enable online transactions facility reset the BOI password using the method

If you would add wrong login details 3 times within a day your account will be blocked so make sure to enter the right user name and password to log in Try to use the virtual keyboard to avoid any kind of errors and this minimizes the risk of blocking your account by the input of wrong credentials

For a user who wants to use the internet banking facility sometimes account blocking due to adding wrong credentials may cause serious problems but in some cases account get unblocked n a few days as well

In case you have forgotten the login password or your account have gone blocked by adding the wrong password follow these steps to reset the password

BOI Net Banking Login Forgot Password Reset

  1. Visit Bank OF India official website at
  2. Enter the internet banking section
  3. Click the personal option and click ok as the pop up arises
  4. In the center of the page forgot password option is given Now click Forgot password
  5. Fill in your Bank of India User ID
  6. Now provide BOI account number associated with internet banking
  7. Click the continue option for the verification of your details
  8. Enter your debit card details to the new page
  9. Fill in the first four digits of the linked debit card
  10. Now enter the last four digits of the debit card
  11. Click the debit cum ATM PIN
  12. Fill in the expiry date of the card as in MM/YY format
  13. Click the submit button
  14. Enter the password on the next page
  15. Provide the same password to confirm
  16. Click submit button to complete the password reset

Internet Banking User ID and Pin Blocked BOI–  Unblock using offline process

  1. Get the BOI password regeneration form at
  • Fill in the asked details and check the required fields
  • With the form attached send an email to  [email protected]
  • For a faster, you can call at the numbers 1800 220 229 / 1800 103 1906 / 022-4091 9191 in case you get no response for your email

By using the form mentioned above following changes can be requested

  • Unblock the internet banking account

  • Internet banking user ID and password regeneration

  • Login password change

  • Transaction password change

  • To get a new transaction password

  • TPIN and statoken PIN change

  • Activation code change

The online, as well as an offline guide to access BOI net banking account password, reset process is given

When the password would be released if the BOI net banking password is blocked?

For 1 day the account gets blockers if 3 times a wrong password is entered the blocked account automatically unblocks the second day

What are the charges to reset the BOI net banking password?

The services are absolutely free for now

If I don’t have ATM cum Debit card can I reset the password?

You can reset it online but at present, it cannot be done without a debit card

What if I don’t have ATM debit card?

To unblock or regenerate a new password approach the concerned branch and submit the form

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