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By | February 3, 2022

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MOre About Payslip Download AP Employees to Print Salary Details Online

From the Treasury online web portal, AP Employee payslip CFMS document can be downloaded in pdf format or for complete monthly salary details employee number can be used anytime to view excel report of the required month

Payslip AP Employees
From the official CFMS website of the Treasury department AP government employees can download their payslips which contains all the salary details including earnings and deductions from the total amount By the approval of treasury, salaries are given to AP employees and teachers and the complete details are recorded

From the offline mode in the past, the AP government has taken the initiative to upgrade to online services for employee payslips By using the credentials as employee code and department code Employee pay sheet or Payroll information can be accessed with the date of the slip

In this modern era, it is very tiresome to visit government offices To get a written payslip employees can visit the local Treasury department of the state, and all the required information including employee code, the reason for written payslip requirement, payslip month, etc. are to be provided

In determent, the filled application is submitted to get the payslip issued The government employees and teachers who need payslip usually do this Due to the online process long payslip status process has been much reduced

AP Government employees can download their payslip from the official website and upon the availability of internet connection this can be done from anywhere Before accessing or downloading the payslip it is a must for the employee to have the basic information

AP Employee Salary Slip Download

  • Visit the official AP Treasury website
  • Go to the option Net Services to the public once the page gets loaded
  • Choose employee operations
  • Choose pay particulars
  • Click the option download monthly payslip
  • By filling in the entire details or EMP code employees can select the download payslip option
  • Fill in the employee code in the given column and press the tab
  • After clicking the excel report option wait for the page to load
  • Check the name, Department code, DDO code, and other information
  • Month wise payments are displayed on the screen
  • From the AP Treasury official website select the option to download the payslip
  • Print option for the payslip is also available to get pay sheet print

AP Employee Payslip Blue Print

You must know the components in the AP employee payslip before download and check whether it has all the necessary information included and you will see that providing all details for payslip generation is valid

The Net salary given at the end of the payslip is broken down into three parts The Net pay is the total salary received in bank account by AP government employees and  teachers The account details provided at the start of the service remain the same Unless the employee submits an application to change bank account it is recorded in the record


  • The actual salary credited to bank account is termed as earnings The first component is annual basic salary given to the employee and is termed as basic pay It may rise with the development processes and promotions by the government The basic pay mey remain constant but never decreases in any case
  • The Dearness Allowance makes the second section of the payslip it is actually a profit-based credited income by the government The Governemnt determine the rise in DA rates by holding various meeting This part of salary always increases and is never dependent on any sources
  • House rental allowance (HRA) With respective growth or fall in any project the HRA changes These three combine to form a complete salary slip


This part of the salary is monitored by the employees as salary deductions are listed in it and this confirms that no extra amount has been deducted from the salary section

The medical insurance claimed for any family member and the PF are also mentioned in this section The tax deducted from the total salary as property taxes etc. are mentioned By viewing the tax amount mentioned in the slip you can claim the tax

Loans and Extras Section

This is an important section in employee payslip as teachers and Governemnt employees often take loans for children marriages, and education and various other important tasks to be performed by them Along with description the loan amount to be deducted is listed here To keep a check on live running loans is very important for employees

By subtracting deductions and loans from the earning section the net salary is calculated And the amount obtained as a result is credited to the employee’s account as the monthly salary This is the Blue Print of the AP employee salary slip

The payslip can be downloaded anytime and is saved in the Downloads folder of the employee You can keep the record of your monthly salary slip by downloading it For education loans, home loans, and other processes the payslip is considered as an original proof

The amount and effort to visit the offices for payslip has been much reduced and to download the payslip is very easy and convenient Within the complaint section in the website any kind of issues like irregular data in payslip can be reported To get the details corrected employees can also visit nearest Treasury Department This ensures that the mistake will not be repeated in future

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