Download Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip for Pay Details

By | April 6, 2022

Know About Download Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip for Pay Details

Using IFMS PayManager portal employees can easily download their payslips by following these steps and can estimate and check their monthly gross/net pay particulars that need to be drawn

Payslip Rajasthan

For the State Government employees, Rajasthan Government has introduced Integrated Finance Management System For the employee salary bill preparation PayManager is the exclusively designed portal for Rajasthan employees

All the DA Arrears, Bonuses, Arrears, Leave encashment bills, and other information is managed by the portal Using the PayManagewr portal State governemnt generate the salary slips of employees thus making salary disbursement easier

Using the unique login username and password employees have direct access to the portal Employees can only access the payslip details given on the employee page of the PayManager portal and else is managed by DDO Officer

Through the PayManager portal, the employees can download their monthly payslips  by using their unique credentials The detailed step-wise guide to download Rajasthan employee salary slip is given

Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip Download

  • Go to PayManager official website at
  • Choose DDO/Employee login link given below login button
  • Fill in the username and password for the employee account
  • Fill in the Captcha code as shown in the box
  • Choose the Employee option from the list
  • Click the login button
  • Choose your login ID with your name displayed in the top
  • Select Employee corner
  • Tap the payslip option
  • Choose the month and year for which payslip is to be download3d
  • Click the submit button
  • The file will be downloaded in the download folder
  • To view the payslip go to the Download folder and explore

The Rajasthan Employee Salary slip can be easily downloaded by using the given method and the payment details along with status can be checked

Is it allowed to download the Rajasthan employee payslip multiple times?

Yes, the payslip for any month can be downloaded from the Rajasthan payslip portal By using the login credentials employee can download payslip by login using the unique credentials For any month the employee payslip can be downloaded as many times as an employee wants

Who can log in to the Rajasthan PayManager Payslip portal?

Only the Rajasthan State government employees can access the portal as their respective accounts are created Employee services provided in the portal are only dedicated to Rajasthan State Government employees

Is the payslip generated from the portal usable as proof of salary?

With the official confirmation, the Rajasthan Paylslip is declared as valid The employees work in the particular department and the received payment is easily shown by payslip as proof As an official proof of employment in Rajasthan State Governemnt the payslip is treated

Are the private employees in Rajasthan allowed to access the PayManager portal?

The details and login activation for Rajasthan Pay Manager is not allotted to State government employees thus they cannot access the portal

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