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By | December 29, 2021

More Information on eHRMS Punjab Login for Employee Self Services (ESS)

 eHRMS Punjab

Punjab State Government worker can now login to eHRMS portal on get right of entry to the portal with new consumer identity notification and default password from DDO to control ESS portal features and offerings. The Integrated Human Resource Management System of Punjab refers to as iHRMS Punjab. There is a Nodal officer or a DDO officer allotted to each branch to control the Employee info.

HRMS Punjab consists of their leaves, gift days, keeping their fitness calendar, and getting their payslip ready. Every worker below Punjab State Government desires to get connect to their branch DDO officer to set off their account.

iHRMS Punjab governs through the kingdom finance branch. This manages the fee of salaries to personnel consisting of well-timed updating their Punjab worker revenue slip in ESS portal.

eHRMS Punjab Registration:

Every worker operating in Punjab kingdom authorities can get right of entry to HRMS Punjab portal through connecting with DDO officers.

Follow the under given steps to get right of entry to the HRMS Punjab portal:

  1. Visit your Department Account workplace and locate your DDO or Nodal officer
  2. Provider your info as consistent with your employment document to the officer
  3. Active Mobile variety and date of start for destiny verification
  4. DDO officer will manner your request and provide you User ID
  5. Using the User ID and Default Password, you could get the right of entry to the iHRMS Punjab Employee page.

Employees to control their eHRMS Punjab offerings, ought to log in to iHRMS Punjab professional website, and we’ve were given the stairs which you could comply with to login iHRMS Punjab and get right of entry to the offerings provided.

Punjab eHRMS Login :

Follow the below given steps to login into the eHRMS Punjab portal :

1. Using the link, navigate to the iHRMS Punjab web page.

2. To access the eHRMS Punjab employee login page, click the Login button.

3.Choose Login as the HRMS Code.

4. Fill in your user name and password.

5. Provide the text given in the Captcha code inbox.

6. Login by clicking the Login button.

7. To gain access, you must provide your User ID and Password.

8. The employee page loaded on-screen after verification, along with HRMS Punjab’s


9. That’s it; you may use this HRMS Punjab login employee page to access all of the online services available to Punjab state government employees.


Can you apply for leave on the HRMS Punjab portal?

A government employee can request for any type of leave through the HRMS Punjab web portal’s Leave Section, which will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for approval.

Is it possible to obtain a pay slip without logging into the iHRMS Punjab Portal?

The Payslip of each worker is now being given via HRMS Punjab Online portal, and for this reason, the get right of entry to each kingdom authorities worker is given, the use of which you’ll be able to get right of entry to their payslip of any respective month, and else they are able to go to their Department Account workplace and request to get a hard copy of Pay Slip.

Can I Download the iHRMS Punjab Employee Pay Slip?

Yes, as you’ve got got get right of entry to the HRMS Punjab portal together along with your worker credentials, it lets you view the Pay Slip of a specific month, and at the identical time, you may use the choice of Print or Download to get a smooth replica of your Pay Slip.

What is eSalary iHRMS Punjab?

ESalary is a facility this is introduced to get the worker salaries posted on-line that’s secured to at least one consumer only, and an get right of entry to factor to view the records of Pay Slip and element approximately personnel are feasible the use of the eSalary iHRMS Punjab service.

What is the default password of I HRMS Punjab?

Employee code and Password will be dispatched to workers via way of means of their establishment, an OTP will be dispatched through SMS if require a password through forgot password option.

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