Electronic Challan for EPF Online payment of Employer

By | April 13, 2022

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Information on Electronic Challan for EPF Online payment of Employer

By raising the electronic challan through the ECR portal now the registered employers under EPFO can make their online payments for employee EPF Check out the given detailed guide to upload the salary deductions towards the EPF account of the employee

For every private and public sector employee Employee Provident fund is a service for all the private and public sector employees The scheme has been shared by employees and employers for peaceful employee retirement and it is a never-ending scheme

The Employee Provident Fund created for employee benefit as certain rules and regulations and an interest rate is given as fixed by the government It is the employers’ responsibility to contribute to the employee Provident fund and to get an EPF account created for the employee

If there are more than 20 employees working in any organization it is mandatory for the employer to get registered with EPFO since 2015 and the EPF is taken to ensure maximum return for investment by the employer as a share is deducted from the employee account every month

Online Payment EPF

The Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 also known as PF act ponders both employee and employer to contribute their share towards employee Provident fund

Before the due date, every month the pf Contribution payment is to be completed by the employer EPF interest rate will be levied in case of delay in payment on the total amount which gets multiplied in days till the date of final pf amount deposit

The employers must register themselves with Employee Provident Fund and avail the facility to make online payment or through the auto-debit process as predefined in registration By using EPF official website or any bank account the payment can be made by the employer as EPF direct payment gateways are provided by various banks

Here is the complete stepwise guide to making EPF payment online in order to make a successful contribution towards the employee Provident fund

Online Payment Process EPF

  1. Go to Employee Provident Fund ECR web portal at unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/
  2. Fill in employee username and password and click sign in
  3. Check and verify if the establishment ID, name, address, and other details are correct
  4. From the drop-down list choose the payment option
  5. Choose ECR upload and select the wage month and salary disbursal date
  6. By choosing the wage month and date of contribution upload an ECR text file and wait for the file to get validated
  7. Click the TRRN option as a successful file validation message appears on the screen
  8. Make TRRN verified and generate an ECR summary sheet
  9. Click the prepare challan option and fill in your Admin/Inspector charges to get Challan generated
  10. Now check the amount and click Finalize  and pay against TRRN
  11. Choose online and choose the payment method page as the login page and proceed
  12. Choose the bank and click continue to complete payment transfer and save your transaction ID or reference
  13. On the Employee Provident Fund page of the employer, the transaction status along with employee EPF credentials in the transaction column can be seen on the TRRN number confirmation is shown as provided by EPFO

Is there any late payment penalty for the EPF account?

For every single day of the employer, an interest rate of 12% per annum will be appreciable as per the Section TQ if not deposited in the EPF account of the employee as the share in EPF account and the interest rate may vary During the payment process the applicable amount is shown

Is it allowed for the employee to make EPF payments online?

No, the deductions are automatically made from employees monthly salary by the employer and employer by adding the agreed share deposit the same amount in EPF account as the amount may vary every month so is calculated the employer to be deposited before deadline As the employee is not involved in making EPF payment

Is the Auto Debit option available for EPF online payment?

No auto debit option is available by the EPF office as it only serves as a recruitment firm working for the employer to properly fill employer checklist and to submit their amount The name is to be entered under the UAN number whenever a new employee joins and initiate their pf contribution using direct online banking facilities or by EPFO official website payment link

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